Running Motivation for 2018

running motivation

With the new year, there are a lot of resolutions going on and a lot of goals we want to accomplish. A lot of you guys have issues staying committed with running and are looking for running motivation for the year ahead of us. 

There are a few tricks how to keep up with your running motivation throughout the year even when the weather is shitty and all you want is stay in bed and skip that run. 

Running Motivation: Let’s talk commitment 

#1 Schedule your run

We all have a busy schedule and sometimes it is hard to squeeze in our workout. We rather skip it instead of actually making time for it. Finding the excuse in being busy is something that I hear a lot from my clients. Just to give you guys some sort of motivation and scoop you into my routine: I have a full-time job, I run my own business with this blog and my running coaching, I run (obviously) and I also implement bodybuilding into my routine. I’m a daughter, a best friend and I have a life beside all of this. With that being said I want you to realize that your day has 24 hours. If you really have a goal (losing weight, becoming stronger, faster or bigger) you have to make the time for it. 

Let’s say you want to run 3, or even 4 times per week. Find out which works best for you: Running before work, or after. If it’s before work, yes, set that alarm at 5 AM and wake up early. You will get used to it. Trust me there is no better feeling heading to the office knowing you already got your workout out of the way.

If you rather train after work, make it a habit and have a coffee and a 30 min rest after you got home and then go and crush it. Once you implement your running into your daily schedule and your routine, you will see how easy it will be to stick to it. Running motivation fades fast with excuses. Don’t make time for them.

#2 Consistency is key

I just mentioned the word habit, right? Whatever you do in life, once you do it consistently, it is easier for you to make it a habit. It becomes part of your life. Like brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. I always recommend, if you’re that type of person that tends to lose motivation at some point, get yourself a running plan and follow it. This will give you consistency and it will help you with running motivation. 

Even when I’m not training for a specific race I have a training plan I follow. It is not even necessary that this plan is following a goal. Just having a plan helps to keep up with running when the motivations is becoming less.

#3 Can’t make it? Split it.

I know, life can be tempting. All these friends who aren’t running, or just living a different lifestyle. Those who don’t eat as healthy as you do and then they invite you over on the weekend. You will have wine, drinks, probably pizza and maybe you will stay out longer than you had planned and boom your long run, which should always be the main focus while you’re training for any race is in danger.

It has happened to me before and it will probably happen to you, too. My advice for the morning after: Try to at least do something. If the energy the next day isn’t really there, split your long run into two parts. Run the first one in the morning and hit the road at night again.

It won’t have the same training affect on your system, but you did at least something, right? This will make you feel better and also help you with your running motivation because you stay committed. When I’m traveling to Germany I’ll have the craziest jet lag the first morning after I got there. No matter how tired I am, I’ll go for a run. It’s like saying hi to my country. 

#4 Socializing helps 

This trick is something that I have realized during my marathon training last year. It kind of freaked me out knowing I have 20 miles ahead of me, so I ran it with a friend of mine which helped a lot to stay consistent throughout the run and not to give up. Also as a beginner, if you sign up for a running group or you find a friend you will go for a run with, you will have a harder time canceling on them instead of just being responsible for yourself. Connecting with friends through running makes it easier to stay committed to the sport. 

Going back to the thought of being super busy with life: Think about how great it would be to combine both working out and being with a friend. Also it will challenge you to run faster and become a stronger runner. Group runs are a great way to embrace yourself as a runner.

At the end of the day running, or any kind of activity you do to stay fit and healthy is something you really have to want to do. These 4 tips to keep up with your running motivation will only help you, if you have decided for yourself to accomplish your goal. Nothing in the world will ever be fun if you’re not loving it. This happens with running, eating habits, relationships, your job – everything. 

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Running Coach NYC

Running Coach NYC

Running Coach NYC

You are new to running or you are looking for a professional coach to customize your next training plan? Having me by your side as a running coach in NYC will immediately effect your training success. I’ve worked with running beginners and pro level runners and they all have stoped wondering if they could run faster: They just did.

Personal & Online Running Coaching

Running is everything but easy and it’s always helpful to have individually designed training no matter if you’re training for your next marathon, or you just want to loose weight. The world wide web offers great information on running, training plans and nutrition but nothing will ever beat personal coaching or individual training plans that meet your personal needs based on experience and level of running. On top of that I offer motivational support, mental strength coaching and encouragement to achieve your very personal goals. You and me as a team. Online or as your running coach in NYC.

Running Coach NYC: We’re in this together

As a certified running coach in NYC of course running is my life, my drug and my daily routine. I love feeling disconnected from the world. Being outside with my headphones on means everything to me. Running will keep you healthy and fit and is a great way to loose some extra weight. There is no greater sense of satisfaction than what you get from setting a personal goal and conquering it. I think we could be a perfect team, don’t you think?

Running Coach NYC: Let’s Run!

I’ll set you up on a training plan and will coach you along the way. I’ll really teach you the intricacies of the game of running, racing and break down the fundamentals that make all the difference. With me by your side you’ll always feel highly motivated, strong and empowered in and out. Within my personal and online running coaching I offer a variety of key points every runner needs in his training. Communication is key  – I’ll be by your side as often as you need me, virtually, personally and even mentally:

  • Custom Training Plans
  • Private Running Trainer NYC
  • Online Running Training Plans
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Race Strategy
  • Injury Prevention
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Unlimited Motivation
  • First Free Consultation

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My Story

Sabrina Wieser

Welcome to my running blog. I’m Sabrina and I’m a runner and just like you I also have my very own special story. Running and fitness has become a very important part of my life. About 4 years ago I started running on the treadmill (yes, I know – it’s like swimming without water) in my hometown in Germany – it was more to burn some extra fat that I had gained over the years of eating wrong. When I moved to New York City I started running outdoors more frenquently because it became more exciting and challenging for me.

Hello New York City

I would run at the gym, on the track, through Central Park surrounded by so many inspiring runners in this amazing city full of inspiring athletes. No, I wasn’t running to lose weight anymore – I was running because I enjoyed it and my goal was to become a competitive runner here in New York. By that time I started this running blog. Sharing my emotions, goals and accomplishments with my followers motivated me even more.

Living right by the Hudson River made running just beautiful and peaceful. The gorgeous view gave me that extra boost to run longer and faster and it was helping me to become stronger with every run. When I realized how passionate I was becoming I signed up for my first race: After only six months of running, I ran my first half marathon: The NYC Half. I never missed it ever since.

Failure happens

Right after the NYC Half 2015 I was diagnosed with a pretty bad hip diysplasia. I’ve had it since I was a baby the doctor told me and never knew about it before. I couldn’t train properly for the next 3 months. I started therapy and began with weight training. My doc told me that running isn’t something I should do, my hip isn’t made for that kind of pressure and especially not for long distances. To maintain my stamina I bought a road bike and added cycling to my training.

Not to run anymore wasn’t an option for me. Cycling definitely helped me through the time, when running was impossible due to consistent pain in my hip. Over motivated me ran the next half marathon in October 2015 and of course I felt horrible. Just crossing that finish line in Staten Island was a success though since my doctor promised me that I could never run any long distance races anymore.

Hope and Dreams

Running has taught me a lot so far. One of the most important things is to never give up. We all experience failures, injuries and everything else that life throws at us. It’s important to focus on the positive. A few months later with more confidence, a stronger hip and so much more mental strength I was ready for the next Half Marathon. I spent more time at the gym training my legs to prevent these injuries from re-occurring. And here I was: March 2016: Full of power and totally prepared for this. I felt so strong. I finished in 1 hour and 50 minutes which is still incredible after what I had been through.

Goodbye obstacles!

The NYC Half 2016 has changed me. You can accomplish anything, all you have to do is believe in yourself and take your time. So my next big challenge will be the TCS NYC Marathon 2017 – I qualified for the “race of a lifetime” in 2016. Same here, I do believe in myself and I know who I am as a runner. Sometimes we have to fall and stand back up again –  that is what makes us stronger.

I also finished my license as a running coach, which has always been a dream since I started running. Now I am able to share this sports with others and help them to improve their fitness, pace or prepare them for their races. Dreams come true, all you have to do is be patient.


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