Lottery for the NYC Marathon 2020

How to run the NYC Marathon in 2024

The upcoming 2024 NYC Marathon will be on November 3rd, 2024. And to help get you started before the drawing application window closes, here is how you can participate in the largest marathon in the world.

Sabrina at Miami Marathon

Miami Marathon & Miami Half Marathon 2024

The Life Time Miami Marathon and Miami Half Marathon draw athletes from across the globe, making them standout annual athletic events that celebrate both the vibrant culture of Miami and South Beach, as well as the diverse nationalities of the participants.

Berlin Marathon 2019 course

Berlin Marathon 2024 course

Let's talk about the Berlin Marathon 2022 course, guys. The Berlin Marathon is one of the largest and most famous marathons ever. Berlin is part of the World Marathon Majors and is also known as the fastest course in the world.

New York City Marathon Course

New York City Marathon Course

Are you running the New York City Marathon 2021 and are wondering about the NYC Marathon route and the perfect New York City Marathon course strategy? The TCS New York City Marathon is one of the greatest in the world. Not only because of the crowds but also because it's the scenic course you will probably never forget.

Running the Boston Marathon

Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is one of the most popular marathons in the world and for most runners an absolute dream race to participate one day. Getting into the Boston Marathon is hard. The window for qualifying and registering at the third-largest marathon is the U.S. has already closed, but that shouldn’t stop you from preparing for the next one!

NYC Half Course Strategy 2019

NYC Half Course Strategy 2024

Let’s get the NYC Half Course Strategy 2024 straight today. With the new course of the NYC Half Marathon back in 2018 and a few changes in 2019, there comes a new strategy for the race. If you’re not familiar with the new course yet please read the article about the NYC Half 2024 course […]

NYC Marathon tips and tricks

Tips & tricks for the NYC Marathon

Are you running the NYC Marathon this year? Congrats! The NYC Marathon is one of the greatest marathons in the world, and it’s a remarkable experience you will never forget.  When the “City That Never Sleeps” gets ready for the marathon, make sure you know all of these NYC Marathon tips and tricks just in […]

What you need to know about the Berlin Marathon

Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 Berlin Marathon

It’s almost that time again! in 2019 I had the incredible experience of completing the Berlin Marathon. And although I hit a PR, I still made a lot of mistakes. Factoring those initial struggles into my training, I recently developed a new course strategy for the 2024 Berlin Marathon.

NYC Half Marathon course

NYC Half Marathon Course

The NYC Half Marathon is my favorite race here in New York. The NYC Half Marathon was completely redesigned in 2018 and again slightly changed in 2019. Take a look at the NYC Half Marathon course with me and find out about the new course for 2020. I have also worked on a course strategy for the NYC Half, which you will find at the end of this article.

Sabrina Wieser running the NYC Marathon

The NYC Marathon Lottery

The next NYC Marathon will be here before you know it. But if you don’t have all the details ironed out just yet, relax! There’s still plenty of time to prepare for the 2021NYC Marathon. And I’ll help you by breaking down the lottery system, as well as other methods for entering the race.