The 12 best supplements for anxiety

supplements for anxiety
What's the best supplement for anxiety? A question that occurs even more lately while living in the middle of a pandemic. Especially now it is normal that many of us worry, feel unease, experience fear, or panic. As research has suggested often that there are a lot of different supplements for anxiety such as vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and different herbal remedies that may help relieve the [...]
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How to find the best calcium supplement

calcium supplements
Having enough calcium in our body is important for optimal bone health throughout your entire life. Our body doesn't produce calcium, so we must get it through other sources. Even though a proper diet is an ideal way of providing your system with enough calcium the best calcium supplement could be an option if you are not able to get enough calcium by foods only. [...]
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Should Runners Use BCAAs?

BCAA benefits for runners
If you’ve been involved in the running world, you’ve probably come across the term BCAAs and wondered what that meant. BCAAs have been gaining traction in the health and fitness world for all of their numerous health benefits, including recovery after exercise. But what exactly are they and should runners use BCAAs? What are BCAAs? Some of us will ask themselves: What are BCAAs? What [...]
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Livon Labs Vitamin C Review

Does LivOn Labs Vitamin C really work?
Before partnering with LivOn Labs, I was a bit skeptical about just how effective a Liposomal Vitamin C supplement would be. Of course, I take a lot of supplements for runners, but I was more than content with a cheap over-the-counter powder. So why switching to LivOn Labs? Is liposomal vitamin C really better? This is definitely just as important - if not more important - [...]
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Energy supplements for running

energy supplements for running
Endurance athletes such as runners, swimmers, or cyclists typically spend hours performing their sport. Whether it's clocking down miles over miles in long-distance training, over 200 miles on a bike, or swimming endless laps in the pool. With all these training sessions and extreme demands on our bodies both physically and mentally athletes should pay close attention to their diet and correct supplementation. I get [...]
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The best Vitamin C supplement for runners

Being an essential vitamin that can't be produced by the body, vitamin C has an important role in our body. Vitamin C benefits are scientifically proven. This article will share the best Vitamin C supplement and its benefits for runners. The vitamin C sources can be fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and spinach, but also capsules and powders. My go-to [...]
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15 Best Supplements For Runners

Best supplements for runners
Do runners need supplements? The best supplements for runners is a very specific topic. For a lot of newbies entering a supplement shop without proper research can lead to wasting a lot of money. You could spend huge amounts on supplements, protein powders and vitamins for runners but at the end of the day, you really don't need them all. As a running coach and [...]
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Macronutrients for runners

macronutrients for runners
You might know your macros and I'm sure you have heard the word before. If so, you know how much carbs you are going to eat before your run and how much protein will follow after your workout, right? Awesome. But what about macronutrients for runners? Macronutrients for runners: Boost your running performance Macros are definitely important but don't get too focused on them. There is [...]
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Collagen Supplement Benefits For Runners

For those of you who follow my blog for a while already, you might know how obsessed I am with collagen protein and love to take advantage of the collagen supplement benefits. For some reason, I'm not the person who likes to have it in my shake but I do love it in my overnight oats for example. Whether you're an athlete, trying to get better [...]
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Want to Manage Your Sweet Tooth? Try Sweet Defeat!

Sweet Defeat
Are you a lover of sweets and treats? Yep...same here. You are definitely not alone in that respect. I’m a notorious sweet tooth. In fact, even as an athlete, I struggle with sugar cravings just as much as the average person.  There are many different techniques that I have tried over the years to fight the cravings but to no avail. Recently though, I discovered [...]
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