How to stop sugar cravings

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With the holidays behind us sugar cravings are a real problem. I’m usually very aware of my diet and that I’m not inhaling candy bars after candy bars but during the holidays, let’s be honest, we take things a little bit more easily. Learn in this article  today how to stop sugar cravings instantly.

What is sugar and how does it affect us?

A great understanding for how sugar affects our bodies is a great foundation on learning how to control your sugar cravings. It is proven that the longer you stay away from sugar, the easier it is for us to avoid it. Sugar comes in different forms and foods. Sugar can be natural or artificially added.

It’s good to know that one teaspoon of white sugar has about 16 calories and it provides a quick dose of energy that the body can process faster than complex carbohydrates or proteins. In the case you‘re eating too much of it the excess energy will be stored a fat. 

How to get rid of sugar cravings?

So how to you get rid of the sugar cravings? How do you stop sugar cravings fast? And also: is there any natural supplement to stop sugar cravings?

My body really asks for more chocolate and so on the more often I’m eating it. The longer I haven’t had any sugar, the sweeter tastes a piece of chocolate for me. 

Why do I crave sugar all the time?

Poor diet is one of the most common reasons why we crave sugar. Also the use of artificial sweetener can lead to fluctuations in our blood sugar levels as well as it causes you to crave more sugar. Really small adjustments to your diet can help you already to stop craving sugar all the time.

Craving special foods like candy, burger or pizza are caused by the regions in our brains that are also responsible for our memories, things that pleasure us and reward us. Imbalances within our hormones are oftentimes another reason for sugar cravings. 

Here are my tips on how to immediately stop your sugar cravings and get your diet back to normal again:

#1 Brush your teeth to stop sugar cravings

This tip is one of the oldest and you probably have heard of it before: Brushing your teeth immediately helps with your sugar cravings.

Why? Once you brush your teeth you’re playing your brain by sending the signal of “Mealtime is over” – and also, the cool, fresh minty flavor in your mouth ruins any taste that could possibly come after it anyways. 

You would have to wait until your flora in your mouth is back to normal and by then your sugar craving will be gone. Trust me, it works!

#2 Eat frozen fruits to help with sugar cravings

I always have a back of frozen berries in my freezer, because I eat them with my overnight oats every morning.

When I’m dealing with sugar cravings I’d get a small cup of blueberries for instance and start eating them (frozen). It takes forever to finish them, because obviously they are cold. When I’m done eating, I totally forget about all the chocolate and candy I was craving beforehand. Another great advice is a protein shake that is low in sugar and carbs – they taste like vanilla or chocolate and make you believe you are having something sweet to stop your sugar cravings. 

#3 Go for a run

Distraction is key here, when your body is asking for sugar. When you’re bored on the couch craving sugar, go out and run. The runners high will help you to forget about the sugar cravings for sure. 
After a run I always feel happy, confident and more satisfied with myself. Short-term this feelings with make you crave a salad, or something else healthier than chocolate. It never happened to me before that I came back from a run and wanted chocolate as a post workout snack. 
Distracting your brain from your sugar cravings doesn’t just work with running by the way. You could do any kind of activity. Even cleaning the apartment works. 

#4 Just don’t buy anything sweet

My number one trick is to not have anything at home that would fulfill my sugar cravings. I always catch myself at my parents house eating a bunch of chocolate because it’s visible for my eyes. They love to have a small plate of candy on the living room table and here I am eating everything. 
So during the holidays that I just spent in Germany, I ate a lot of chocolate only because it was there. Back home I try to not have anything sweet at home, so in case of a sugar cravings emergency, it’s easier for me to resist. 

#5 Resist sugar cravings with dark chocolate

If my tip #4 is not for you and you love having chocolate at home, get the dark chocolate one. When I started changing my diet years ago I also started reading the nutrition labels and it was really eye opening to me. If you want to avoid sugar, buy products with less or no sugar. Reading the nutrition facts can be terrifying – most of the times we are not even aware how much sugar we are consuming.
Really good dark chocolate contains just 80% cocoa meaning on 100g you’ll only get 15g of sugar. 
Compared to regular milk chocolate with up to 50g. Dark chocolate also doesn’t taste as good as the regular one I think, so you just don’t want to eat as much. 

#6 Never say no to cinnamon

My last tip on how to get rid of sugar cravings I actually got from my bodybuilding coach. He is prepping the big guys and bikini girls to hop and stage and win titles over titles while looking super shredded. 

He recommended adding sugar to my overnight oats or my greek yogurt in the afternoon only because it makes us think we are actually eating something sweet. Cinnamon also helps to control your blood sugar level and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Just make sure to buy the higher quality ceylon cinnamon as this one is safe to eat in larger amounts. 

#7 Supplements to stop sugar cravings

When you eat something sweet and sugar goes into your body the sugar blocks the absorption of essential minerals, including calcium and magnesium. 

This is also a reason why I am very aware of my supplementation. Here is a full article on supplements for runners and what supplements will stop sugar cravings for good.

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