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I have been asked so many times how my runners diet looks like. If I have a special nutrition plan and on what a runners nutrition is based on. Since a healthy way of living is part of my routine I wouldn't say that I'm following a strict diet. If you spent some time with me you might see some adjustments I have made in the past years. It's a way of perspective. There are some favorite super foods on my list though: Let's outline my weekly shop runners diet essentials:

High quality whey

I prefer to eat my oat meal in the morning and also as a shake right after my workouts mixed with water. Protein in a runners diet is very important for your recovery and repairing the muscle damages through hard training. If you're not into whey protein make sure that you'll get enough proteins through fish and chicken. Make sure to read my article about the key supplements for runners as well, when it comes to protein intake.

Berry the truth

One of the most abundant sources of antioxidants, if fat loss is your goal in your runners diet, sticking to berries is a low calorie nutrient must. I usually mix the berries to as smoothie and also have them as topping on my morning oats.

Water the sparkles

Staying hydrated is the key to a great performance in a runners diet. Having enough water throughout the day can be tough sometimes - I know. You don't like drinking water without flavors? Try this: Flavor some sparkling water with a slice of fresh fruit or a natural concentrate and you have yourself a much more drinkable, healthy fizzy drink alternative.

A nut above

I love almonds and actually nuts are a great source of magnesium and healthy fats to help reduce hunger. Always keep a portion handy. I always bring a small portion with me to my job. If some weird cravings are kicking in I'll have my nuts instead of a piece of chocolate.


Do you like it sweet? Skip the sugar and go for the Stevia instead. This super sweet natural leaf extract is a lifesaver. It's next to no calories and a fantastic substitute for sugar.

Fantastic Fiber

Oats are a top source of complex carbs, packed with beta-glucan which is a digestible fiber known to help boost the immune system.

Banana Mama

Bananas are always on my shopping list because I eat them every day. My newest invention is rice cakes with peanut butter and banana as a pre workout snack. Bananas also work pretty well before a race and my long runs.

Nutrition for runners

Runners and nutrition is a never ending story. Especially because we're all so different and have our individual needs in our runners diet. There is something you should keep in mind though: Your runners nutrition affects your performance a lot. Having a runners nutrition plan is absolutely helpful. Do you know my article about the Gold Medal Nutrition for Runners already?

There is also a great runners nutrition book I highly recommend: "Run fast. Eat Slow." find out more about the book here.
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