Training for a half marathon

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NYC Half Marathon Review

I love long distance running which is why the half marathon distance is my favorite. Training for a half marathon requires not as much time as you would need it for a full marathon but it is still challenging. Half marathon training means for me to run more than 35 miles per week. Sometimes a bit more. Now you’re asking yourself „how far is a half marathon?“ It’s 13.1 miles which is 21 kilometer 21,0975 to be excact.

Training for a half marathon…

… how much time do you need? Training for a half marathon will take a lot of your spare time. You will spend a lot of time outside running and training for the half marathon. Depending on your area the weather conditions can be challenging as well. My favorite half marathon is the NYC Half Marathon which is in March. The month of March in New York means winter and winter in New York means freezing cold weather. But: Champions are made in the winter, right? Also I prefer running in the cold. I’m not born to run in the heat.Training for a half marathon

A typical half marathon training plan

The right preparation is required if you want to finish your half marathon within your estimated time. I love schedules, saved dates and times. It helps me to stay motivated because I know exactly what to do and when. This is also why I always sign up for a half marathon training plan. The major goals of training plans are to get you to the starting line healthy and to prepare you to execute successful race-day pacing and fueling strategies. This makes your training for a half marathon much easier.

Most likely it’s a 10 weeks program and heads down: It’s the best thing you can do. Beside the plan itself which will help you to stay motivated you learn so much about yourself as a runner. You learn how to pace yourself. You get to know different training like tempo runs, intervals, long runs and most importantly: you learn how to listen to your body.

When I ran my first half marathon, which was of course the NYC Half 2015,  I finished in 01:57:32. A year later I was able to beat this time by 7 minutes. Only because of my strict training and my trust in my half marathon training plan. Training for a half marathon requires a lot of self-discipline if you want to finish under 2 hours. But even if your goal is just to finish the race a half marathon trainings plan will guide you to achieve your goal.

Training for a half marathon

Half marathon training plan and where to find it

Most likely you’ll find a decent half marathon training plan with some easy google research. I’m a big fan of individual training plans because they are made for you. Simply as that. Experts put their experience and your history as a runner together and will create an excellent plan that works best for you. Most of the plans you’ll find online are very general and don’t have to be the perfect plan for you as an individual.  If you’re interested in a half marathon training plan feel free to reach out to me: I’m happy to assist you with that.

The NYC Half 2018: Follow me to the finish

After a relaxing off season it’s time for some new adventures. The NYC Half 2018 is right around the corner and I’ll take you with me to the finish. I’ll post every week about my training, my nutrition and goals which you can adapt for your own training for your next half marathon. Did you read my NYC Marathon review yet? 

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