7 easy to follow Running Training Tips and Tricks

Running training tips

Run your best with my running training tips and tricks. Based on my experiences I would like to share my top 7 running training tips that will keep you running strong and healthy. Running requires a lot more than just an pair of running shoes and an open road. Here is what you need to know when it comes to running training.

Running with a group

Push yourself harder while running with a group. Running groups offer a great way to learn more about different running training tips from your running buddies, you will meet new people and it will never get boring.

Follow a plan

Especially as a beginner or when you are training for a race, running training plans help a lot to stay on track with your running motivation and focus. It is great to follow a plan, but please never forget to listen to your body. I offer online training plans as a general guidance for reaching your goals as well. Find out more about my online coaching here.

Rest is key

One of the hardest things to understand as a runner and one of my key running training tips is to give your body proper time to recover. Dedication is amazing, but it is also important to take a break and rest. When you are still feeling sore from yesterday’s workout, take some time off and relax. It’s more beneficial instead of forcing yourself to do too much.


Another main running training tip: Never underestimate the power of proper fueling. Before, during and after running. Make sure you meet your individual needs in terms of proteins, fat and carbs. During my longer runs I always bring energy gels to make sure that I’m not running out of gas. Read more about a proper diet for runners, supplements for runners and the correct macronutrients for excellent performance.


If you are having trouble taking full days off, try cross-training like swimming or cycling and incorporate it as a form of active recovery. Paired correctly with your running training plan, your racing needs and nutrition this can actually help your fitness even further. I also add a lot of strength training to my running training. Here is a great video about a great leg workout you can do by using a bench.

Pace yourself

I think it’s pretty obvious that not every run has to be a fast one. Actually it can’t always be, right? So one of my running training tips when it comes to pacing is to run different type of trainings, such as intervals, speed workouts (fartleks), longer slower runs and shorter distances where you run a little bit more aggressive. Switching things up will help you to reach your goal pace and become a stronger runner.

Race if you can

Luckily I live in a city that offers a lot of road races. Running in New York City means being part of the race culture. Signing up for a race means motivation and dedication, which is sometimes needed in the cold winter months for example. Participating in a race is so much fun and one of the best running training tips I have to share.