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Back and joint pain is a common reality for runners. Trust me, one day you can feel on top of the world, with bulletproof joints, and then a slight tweak can throw a wrench in your training. For something as physically stressful on the muscles as running, I like to target the pain with Sunbeam heating pads and wraps.

After a long run, you can ice your muscles, apply pain relief gel, stretch, foam roll the soreness, and the list goes on. Although there are plenty of remedies for managing post and pre-workout pain, I’ve found heat therapy to be one of my favorites. For any serious athlete, runners especially, your muscles can take a beating that goes beyond your average pain management routine. Sunbeam was an absolute game-changer for me, and now I can’t imagine running without it.

This is how Sunbeam will help you with pain management

  • It is super convenient. You can adjust the heated wrap to your desired fit with the customizable strap and literally get pain relief and improved circulation wherever you can find an electrical outlet. Also, a lot of standard heating pads don’t fit well, but I have never had a comfort problem with Sunbeam.
  • You can either get their heated back wrap with Sunbeam® Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage or their XL Renue™ Massaging Neck and Shoulder Wrap to work out tender areas. Two different products with great effect on recovery.
  • The pads and wraps work quickly for pain management. I’m pretty busy these days (aren’t we all!), so not having to wait long for pain relief is great. It means I can get back to training, or writing, or most importantly...playing with my dog.
  • Let’s say you need to take pain management with you on the go. The Sunbeam GoHeat™ Portable Heated Patches are amazing for portability.

Muscle pain Relief

sunbeamIt has been proven that warming up your joints before and after a run can be beneficial for fighting pain and muscle soreness. I have found it really helpful to use heated wraps to supply heat before a run. And when I get back, I usually supply my muscles with cold/heat temperature with the FlexTemp™ Hot and Cold Joint Wrap. I like to take the time before a run to heat my joints, listen to a motivational podcast, put some music on, and get absolutely in the zone before a particularly long run. When I get back, I wind down and manage pain accordingly. Utilizing heat therapy is especially important for treating Runner’s Knee, sore muscles and lower back tightness as well. Many doctors recommend using cold to reduce swelling and inflammation, and then heat for pain relief. You can experiment with different heating pads and wraps to see which you prefer. I am partial to anything Sunbeam offers, myself.

Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Sunbeam productsWhen it comes to muscle recovery, heating pads and wraps are on par with getting post-workout massages. This is because the body needs to rebuild deplete oxygen levels after a workout. And heat-therapy not only soothes pain, but it also improves circulation and blood flow, meaning you can easily target areas that need it most. Sure, massages are great, but they aren’t exactly convenient. Sometimes my hamstrings or calves can get pretty sore when I lift heavier, which is why I use the wrapping heat pad to add any adjustable heat that I need.
Runners...If want wffective pain management, try out Sunbeam today!
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