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Last Wednesday I was invited to a private event to check out Dick's Sporting Goods new line of private-label training apparel called Second Skin. About 20 athletes such as spartan race athlete Hunter McIntyre met at the Tonehouse in New York to experience the so called "hardest workout in the city" lead by founder Alonzo Wilson.

Wearing my new Second Skin gear I felt confident to get out of my comfort zone and totally ready for a kick ass workout. The athletic-based, group-fitness studio offers classes that are similar to team sports practices, with drills, sprints and even resistance training. It was a great cross training experience - much needed after weeks of running and squatting at the gym. My Marathon training is in full effect, which is why I love mixing up my training once in a while.

The perfect fit is key

For me as a runner and fitness athlete it is super important wearing workout gear that fits perfectly, doesn't bother during training and takes in all the sweat. Dick's Sporting Goods newest workout gear didn't disappoint at all. It really fit like a second skin, which felt amazing while I was running, sprinting, jumping and squatting at the Tonehouse. Second Skin was delivering a range of stretch and recovery power designed to help us move and perform our best, while feeling comfortable (Price range $30 -$90).

I was able to focus on the workout and not on my gear. Being very dedicated everything I do or wear should support my goals and the right fit of workout gear does make a big difference. 3 days after my workout with Alonzo I still feel the soreness in my legs. Looking back it really was the hardest workout in the city for me personally. If I will go back? Yes. If I will wear my second skin outfit again? Hell yes!

Second Skin Second SkinSecond SkinYou can purchase Second Skin at 350 DICK'S store nationwide and on SS.com. Check the Second Skin website for more info and book your Tonehouse Class right here.

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