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I remember, when I first started running. It was more a mixture of running and walking, but I became better and better. To all the running beginners reading this, the key is: Be patient and give your body all the time to adjust to the new workout you're doing.

This article is a short guide for running beginners. It will answer your questions about what is a good distance to run for beginners? What's the best running app for beginners and how to you start running for the first time? Here are a few tips for running beginners.

Not every shoe is made for running

Which are the best shoe for running? If you're completely new to running, my first advise before you hit the streets, is to buy the right running shoe. The right running shoe is the key to healthy running without getting injured. Check out your local running shoe stores and please do not buy your shoes online. Every person has different feet and depending on the way you run, you need that special shoe for that. Only local retailers have the experience to find out your special needs. Running beginners tend to order their shoes online. Trust me, don't do it.

I need a lot of support with a running show for example, I do have neutral ones too, but for my runs outside, I am wearing shoes with support. Running shoes aren't cheap, but its worth it.

If you want to bike, you have to buy a bike, if you want to become a runner, you really have to buy the right running shoes. I personally use the adidas solarboost.

Running beginners on the jump

With the right running shoes you are ready to go. An advice for my female runners, make sure you take care of your breasts and wear an adequate sports bra. Running is basically like jumping. You really don't want to do this to your breasts. So for us female an investment in the right sports bra is as important as investing the perfect running shoe.

Step by step and take your time

Now we are ready to run, lets make our first steps outside. Find out what works best for you. Running beginners are all different. I rather run in the morning on empty stomach. This is not everybody's thing and not always right. For me it works best. If you're planning on going after work for example, make sure your last meal was more than an hour before the run.

Also: I do not recommend running on the treadmill too much. You will find it much harder to run outside when you run on the treadmill a lot.

Start slow, listen to your body and do not stop. If you feel like you're running out of breathe, start walking. How far should you go? Not too far. Start with like 2 miles, maybe 3 and again, go slow. There is no need and absolutely no point in sprinting or showing off, when you run with friends. You're a running beginner and that is okay. We all have been there before.

How long should I run for a beginner?

In the beginning it is not about paces, times or beating yourself, or others. The first goal is to run constantly for 30 minutes without walking. I reached that after a month. After that you go longer, from a 5K to 4 miles and so on. It should take you at least 3 months to make yourself to a 10k. U might start with 2-3 runs per week. Resting is key here. Give your body time to heal, that is the time where you adjust and where u come out stronger and faster.

Do not exaggerate just because your body gives you signals you're ready for more. It's not just the endurance that has to build up, your muscles and bones have to adjust too and they need way more time. I made the same mistake of course, I went too hard too fast and I suffered from a stress fracture a few months after I started running. Find out if it's bad to run everyday in my running frequency article.

What is good weather for running?

I recommend all running beginners to start running in the spring. Why? Spring weather is awesome, its less humid its not too hot. Starting to run in winter is self torture and hard to do. There will be snow, it will be super cold and it gets dark early. It will feel much more enjoyable during spring time. So keep that in mind, when you plan on starting to change your life with running.
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