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I've been looking for the perfect balance to running and weight lifting for a while now. When Club Pilates reached out to me and invited me over to their studio in Tribeca I was really unsure if I will like Pilates. I was wondering if there are any Pilates benefits for runners? Yoga doesn't excite me much and I also didn't know much about the difference between Yoga, Pilates and how a Pilates workout really works. I gave Pilates a chance and here's what happened:

Club Pilates offers Reformer-based Pilates classes. During my classes at the Studio in New York I was surrounded by mindful instructors and members, young and old, who all follow a modern approach to classical methods of Pilates. The studio is very welcoming and for me as a newbie I never felt lost at any point of the classes. The Pilates teacher are taking great care of their members and are making sure that you're doing every movement just right.

Today I'm going to share my experience with Pilates at Club Pilates in New York and will explain the benefits of Pilates for runners and how you're getting a complimentary Free class at Club Pilates:

Pilates benefits for runnersPilates Benefits for runners

Before you stop reading because you think, you're a runner and Pilates wouldn't do much for you, let me explain the Pilates benefits for runners.

Pilates focuses on trying to relax muscles which are tense and provide strengthening of the numerous muscles of the body. You can work your muscle groups with no impact on joints on the Pilates reformer which is absolutely amazing thinking about how much impact us runners have on our joints already during running.

One of the Pilates teachers at Club Pilates in New York explained that a Pilates workout is excellent for strengthening and toning your body with a focus on your core and for increasing your flexibility. Pilates provides plenty of well-rounded benefits.

Pilates exercises will:
  • Increase overall your flexibility, strength, and balance
  • In case on an injury, Pilates helps to recover faster
  • Expand the diaphragm
  • Improve your posture
  • Better stability of your spine
  • Range of motion of your hips and legs will increase
  • Active control about your breathing will improve
  • Reduction in stress and blood pressure
  • Build up the back muscles evenly

Does Pilates help with running?Pilates Benefits for runners

There are tons of benefits of Pilates for runners like joint mobility, more and better flexibility, a strong core and more awareness of your own body are just a few to mention.

Here are more Pilates benefits for runners:
  • You will feel less tightening of the neck, head and shoulders
  • Running downhill will be more efficient because your sciatic area becomes more balanced with Pilates
  • Uphill running will feel easier because your musculature will become more stabilized
  • Proper movement through kinesthetic awareness
  • Run will run faster thanks to Pilates because you move more efficiently
  • Less issues with the hips thanks to a lot of hip stabilization exercises

What's the difference between Yoga and Pilates?Pilates Benefits for runners

While talking to other athletes about Pilates the most common question was "What's the difference between Yoga and Pilates?" While Yoga is often used to improve the flexibility of our bodies and joints, Pilates focuses more on the relaxation of the muscles. Tension will be released and your overall strength and focus will increase. Pilates will also give you better muscular endurance in your core.

If you consider trying Pilates I can only recommend Club Pilates. What I love about Club Pilates is that they offer different Pilates classes at all levels, so that Pilates can be great for everyone at every stage of their lives. At Club Pilates in Tribeca they train with the Pilates Reformer, TRX Suspension Training, Springboard, Bosu and more!

The Pilates reformer is a special machine that you will use during your Pilates workout. It is adjustable so you can control how much energy and strength you have to put into your Pilates exercises. It is really fun and easy to get used to.

Learnings from the Pilates benefits for runnersPilates Benefits for runners

Trying out new things in life will sometimes lead you to the most amazing things, right? I'm truly happy I found Club Pilates and their great, challenging classes here in the city. After only a few classes I'm already feeling the Pilates benefits for runners and I cannot wait to improve myself every single time I'll take a class.

To learn more about Club Pilates or to find a studio near you, please visit the Club Pilates website.

If you want to attend a class complimentary free class (with me), feel free to reach out to me or to Club Pilates directly.

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