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A few weeks ago I joined my first P.volve class in Manhattan and I'm excited to share that this week there will be my first event leading up to the Brooklyn Half Marathon with them at the P.volve studio.

Join me on 05/09 for a P.volve workout designed specifically by celebrity trainer and P.volve founder, Stephen "P" Pasterino, for runners preparing for the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 18th! Emma will lead the class through 60 minutes of P's signature workout focusing on core strengthening, hip mobility, and general stretching to ensure that you are race ready, followed by a Q&A with me! All equipment is provided and there will be a special gift and exclusive P.volve offer for all attendees. Looking forward seeing you there. This is only available to the first 18 people to sign up. Grab a friend and reserve your spots for this exclusive event! Sign up here.

What is P.volve?

P's method is a science-backed program that works with your muscles, not against them, to help you achieve the defined, natural muscle tone and healthy results you want. P.volve combines form-focused movement with cutting-edge, proprietary equipment to strengthen, sculpt and transform your body without any squatting, stressing or bulking. It is great for runners because it works on our tight hips, strengthens the core and offers a lot of stability work that is super beneficial for runners. I really enjoy P.volve as a cross-training option because it is low-impact, it tones the muscles and gives you healthy results without any pain.

P.volve streaming & results

p.volve workoutAnother great thing about P.volve is that they offer P.volve streaming. Yes, you can work out from home. All you need is their equipment like the P.ball (AKA “The Magic Ball”), the P.band and some ankle weights. Choose from 150+ workouts and create a custom calendar based on your goals, your timeline, and the realities of life. Now you are wondering how much does a P.volve streaming membership cost? First of all, all new members will receive a 15-day free trial - so if you don't like the method, you can just cancel your membership for free. After that, you can get the P.volve experience anytime, anywhere for just $29.99/month. Especially during Half Marathon training, work, and our daily (sometimes very stressful) lives, this was a huge game changer for me. Check out my discount code: WIESER for 20% off Equipment at Pvolve.com
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