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For quite a long time now I've been dealing with some serious sleeping issues that made me wake up multiple times during the night or wouldn't let me fall asleep at all. I know a lot of athletes struggle with getting enough sleep but aren't really talking about it. The first answer when it comes to the reason for our sleeping disorder will most likely be "overtraining".

But if you think about it that 70 million people experience difficulty sleeping, there's more to the story than overtraining. There's stress, an inability to stay calm and so much more. I was consistently trying to find a product that will help me with my sleeping problems. Especially since they started to affect my training and my daily life. Today I'll share my experience with a new product that I got to try which is HempFusion™ Sleep. HempFusion Sleep is an excellent choice for those who seek great sleep support in addition to daily endocannabinoid system support.

How can Hemp CBD extract support your sleep?

HempFusion reviewAfter trying so many different natural options that were supposed to help me sleep better I really wanted to give hemp extract a shot. I was surprised how hemp and the health benefits that come with it are very exciting and so fast growing in the wellness industry right now. While I was doing my research on the different products from HempFusion™, I learned that each and every one of us has our own endocannabinoid system that acts as our body’s master adaptogenic system and helps regulate overall balance. Healthy responses are giving via receptors throughout our body and guess what? It's fueled by phytonutrients – phytocannabinoids – found in hemp extract. But how can hemp extract help you to sleep better? HempFusion actually has created a fusion of unique plant extracts which include valuable phytocompounds like CBD and terpenes that are naturally occurring in Nutritional Hemp and other botanicals such as Black Pepper Fruit and Clove Oil. It also features PharmaGABA®, a natural form of the amino acid GABA which is an excellent component for relaxation and is even being used for stress support for those who don't want to get strong medication from your doctor. All of this promotes restful sleep.

Why I chose HempFusion™

When it comes to supplements I always make sure that they offer the best quality that can be found on the market. HempFusion™ carries a line of all-natural, plant-based health and wellness dietary supplements distributed nationwide. I know some of you are wondering already if this is all legal. HempFusion® was even the first and only hemp oil company authorized to exhibit at the 2016 Natural Product Expo. You can purchase their products at VitaminShoppe and GNC. What makes them unique is the fact that they are getting all of their hemp from highly-regulated, fully-organic CBD suppliers located in Europe. They also fuse the hemp with black pepper fruit, cloves, terpenes, and omega-rich phospholipids to create a full-spectrum hemp oil supplement.

My experience with HempFusion™ Sleep

First of all, since this is a plant-based product I felt very comfortable taking it daily for my sleep. I started taking it a few hours before bedtime because it takes a while until it kicks in. Since I've been taking HempFusion Sleep I wake up during the night to use the bathroom at night but that's it. I also fall asleep pretty quickly and feel super refreshed the next morning. What a life changer.

Other HempFusion products I can recommend

Besides the really great HempFusion™ Sleep, I can also recommend a few others for you to try. The HempFusion Hemp Energy Extract is great before your runs or workouts. It's a gel that gives you natural energy and I don’t get you jittery or overactive, just a nice clarity, focus, and consistent steady energy. For me, it lasts up to 5 hours and doesn't leave me with a crash. The HempFusion Liquid 10 is great for those of you who seek a convenient and delicious daily level of hemp extract support. It provides you with smooth energy. Regardless of which product you choose to buy, HempFusion®’s Sleep, Stress, Digestion and Energy products all contain a meaningful amount of CBD. They also provide proven, all-natural supplemental ingredients to support the respective focus and they come in capsules, liquids, and topicals for consumers’ varying preferences. Check out all the products on their website and leave me your experience in the comments below. Please make sure to use my 20% discount code RBNYC20
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