How to run the NYC Marathon in 2024

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The upcoming 2024 NYC Marathon will be on November 3rd, 2024. Read below and learn the following things about the 2024 NYC Marathon registration and how to run the New York Marathon next year:

Key Points

  • You can run the NYC Marathon through multiple options such as through a non-guaranteed lottery drawing, deferring your NYC Marathon in 2023, a time qualification, a charity bib, international tour operators, or the 15-Plus and 9+1 Programs.
  • Entering the NYC Marathon is difficult and expensive. The most affordable option is winning the lottery. The most expensive one is a charity spot which starts at $2,620 for Team for Kids.

How to Enter the 2024 NYC Marathon Through Lottery

I have written about getting into the NYC Marathon through the marathon lottery system before, but I will sum up the particulars here for your convenience. How do you enter the New York Marathon lottery?

The NYC Marathon drawing

February 8: Application for the entry drawing opens at 12:00 p.m. EST
February 22: The application window closes at 11:59 p.m. EST
March 1: Drawing takes place and runners are notified of their status

The entries available to non-guaranteed applicants will be filled through three drawings, one in each of the following applicant pools:

1. “NYC metro area" applicants: Residents in and within 60 miles of New York City
2. “National" applicants: U.S. residents outside of the NYC metro area, including Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories
3. “International" applicants: Non-U.S. residents

Chances of Getting in Via the NYC Marathon Lottery

This is both the easiest and the hardest option if you are looking to run the NYC Marathon. For the 2023 race, more than 128,000 runners entered the drawing and only about 5 percent were chosen.

With that being said, there’s nothing to lose if you do decide to try your luck with the lottery. You just never know! But if not, there are a ton of great charities you can run and raise money for to gain guaranteed entry.

Guaranteed Entry Through Charities

As is the case for most marathons, you can run for great charities and gain guaranteed entry to the race. One of the most common charities to run for is the Team for Kids program. Join the New York Road Runners’ Team for Kids and secure your spot in the 2024 NYC Marathon.

To be part of this team, you'll need to raise a minimum of $2,620 for Team for Kids, an organization dedicated to empowering youth and promoting community running programs. In addition to contributing to a great cause, participants will receive coaching and enjoy various race-day benefits. Don't wait – register now and be part of the 2024 NYC Marathon with Team for Kids!

For a whole list of all available charities – broken down into gold, silver, and bronze levels – check out the official list of NYC Marathon charities. And be sure to contact an official charity partner when you know for sure that’s the option you want. Like Team for Kids, runners must raise money to enter. The minimum amounts vary by charity and can start at $3,000, $4,000, or even $5,000.

You can also volunteer as a way to gain guaranteed entry through the NYRR 9+1 program, which I will talk about below.

How do you qualify for the New York Marathon 2024?

Secure your entry into the 2024 NYC Marathon with a swift performance in either the half-marathon or full marathon. Unlike the Boston Marathon, there is no prerequisite of having run a previous race within a specific timeframe to qualify for the New York race. However, for the speedy runners, there's an opportunity to bypass the New York lottery by achieving qualifying times in 2023 races.

Here's how it works: Qualifying times must be achieved in 2023, with times from New York Road Runners races taking precedence over other competitions. If the race isn't organized by the New York Road Runners, the runner's time must be verifiable online, and this time should be submitted during the February application window.

The available time qualifier slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis for those who do not possess a qualifying time from a Road Runners event, and the courses must be officially certified. Please note that the required qualifying times vary by age group. Don't miss your chance to enter the 2024 NYC Marathon!

As is customary, the times are broken down into age group categories. The younger your age, the faster your completion times will need to be. For men ages 18-34, you will need to complete a marathon in 2:53:00 or faster. For women of the same age, you will need to complete one at 3:13:00 or faster. Be sure to check out the full list for every age group requirement. Here is a full chart of the NYC marathon qualifying times.

Another option is “Completed 15-Plus". Runners who finish their 15th New York City Marathon are eligible for guaranteed entry in future years. The application period is open from January 30, 2024, through February 13, 2024.

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Volunteering and the 9+1 Program

The New York Road Runners (NYRR) has a program in place called the 9+1 program that grants you guaranteed entry if you volunteer for one NYRR-sponsored event before December 31, 2023, and also complete 9 qualifying races by that same cutoff time. This will mean you get a spot in the 2024 NYC Marathon. You must also be an NYRR member to qualify for the 9+1 program. 

Note that if you are registered for qualifying races that are canceled and choose the TCS New York City Marathon 9+1 qualifier credit option as their race cancellation resolution this will go towards your 9+1 for 2022 entry as well.

If you are registered to volunteer at a 9+1 qualifier event that is canceled  you will receive a +1 volunteer credit.

You could run any mixture of 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, and the like, as long as they fall within the range of qualifying races officially recognized by the NYRR organization.

International Tour Operators

Non-US residents can book their marathon package with guaranteed entry through an Official International Tour Operator. Marathon packages can include a hotel and/or flight to New York City. Find more information about official internal tour operators here.

What are the odds of getting into the NYC Marathon?

But let's be realistic, is there an actual chance right now to enter the 2024 NYC Marathon? If you were signed up for the 2023 NYC Marathon and decided to defer the race to next year, you will automatically enter the drawing for 2024. The notoriously selective system made it hard to enter the NYC Marathon already.

The odds of getting into the NYC Marathon for the upcoming year may be significantly higher due to the fact that in 2023 the field is 50.000 runners strong and let's be real, who does not want to run the NYC Marathon at least once in his life?

Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to review my route analysis of the NYC Marathon.

FAQs about how to run the NYC Marathon

How many runners run NYC Marathon?

The race will kick off with the Professional Men and Women's Wheelchair Divisions leading the way, followed by the Professional Women and Men's Open Division. After that, the remaining thousands of runners will set off on their race toward the finish line. With over 50,000 participants, this event promises to be a massive and exciting race day.

How many races do you need to qualify for the NYC Marathon?

You need nine qualifying NYRR races (ran in the year prior) to enter the NYC Marathon.

Is there an age limit for the NYC Marathon?

Participants of all ages are subject to NYRR's Rules of Competition, Race Procedures, and Code of Conduct. In order to register for a virtual race of any distance, a runner must be at least 18 years of age.

Do you have to qualify for the NYC Marathon?

No. You do not have to qualify for the NYC Marathon, but you could if you meet the qualifying time standards. Otherwise, you can enter the NYC Marathon through the 9+1 program, a charity spot or a deferral from the year prior.
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