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What's the best core workout for runners? Most runners have the privilege to have a strong core through running already. The way your body is moving while running is training your entire core. Strength training and core workouts go hand in hand with running.

While experts may disagree on exactly which muscles comprise the "core" group, they almost all agree that improving muscular strength by developing the postural muscles will reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance. A strong core for running is crucial for your overall performance. Especially with distance running, core muscles become very important in the later stages of a race when fatigue sets in and form begins to fall apart. You know, the end of a marathon for example.

Does core training help running?

The stronger we are, the longer we can hold running form, which naturally translates to improved performance. Ever since I worked on my core though variations of planks, balance ball pikes, glutes bridges, leg raise, and Russian twists, my core has become much stronger which has improved my overall posture and running form.

How often should runners do core exercises?

It depends a bit on your level of experience and personal fitness. If you are a beginner try once or twice per week. More experienced runners can aim for 4-5 times per week. 15 minutes to 25 minutes max are absolutely enough to build a strong core for running.

My personal core workout for runners

I created this video many years ago but believe it or not, these exercises are still killer for a strong core for running. It is still one of the favorite core exercises on YouTube by many fellow runners. So today I'll share my core workout for runners that has helped me a lot to build a strong core. You might want to start without weights and may use it as a beginner core workout for runners but you should build your way up to more resistance through weights after a while. If you are more experienced you can totally start with the weights right away.
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