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Are you visiting New York City and you're looking for a great group of people to run with? Or maybe you live and run in New York already and want to join an international movement of runners and urban athletes to become part of our big journey?

First of all adidas runners NYC is not a running crew. Some people call us the adidas run club NYC, but we’re not a run club. We are a community that is committed to personal growth, friendship with lots of laughter, and the power of sports. There’s a place for every pace, so even if you’re new to running or you’re not running “fast” (what does fast even mean?), that’s no problem. You’re more than welcome to join us.

Adidas NYC offers a lot of opportunities for the running community. While adidas runners is an international movement of runners, creators and friends adidas NYC supports us along the way to our personal growth in our passions.

How do I join adidas Runners NYC?

How do I become an Adidas runner? To run with adidas Runners NYC you'll have to sign up on our website. Set up an adidas runners account and link it with Runtastic, that's the tracking app we're using for our runs. Join adidas Runners NYC on the Runtastic app and make sure to sign up for the events that are listed before heading out to run with us.

Within the Runtastic app, you will be able to track your runs and level up to earn rewards (points) through adidas Runners NYC. The more often you decide to run with adidas Runners NYC the more points you will earn which is why you have to make sure not to forget to sign up for the event and start the Runtastic GPS at the starting location.

How much is joining adidas Runners NYC?

adidas runners nyc Joining adidas Runners NYC is free of any charge. All you have to bring is running gear and good vibes. We will all welcome you with a smile. Running with like-minded people will help you to improve as an athlete. Our coaches are amazing and teach you everything from a correct running form to nutrition, the importance of stretching, the right mindset as a runner and proper recovery.

I have improved my speed within a couple of months only by trying to keep up with the fast guys. Running with the community is motivating and helps you to stick to your goals.

Adidas Runners NYC Schedule

Adidas runners NYC has programming almost every day in the city. Every training session is different, so whatever you're training for (5K, Half Marathon, Marathon, or even just for fun) you'll find your perfect training session. We run long on the weekends and have great speed work on weekdays. Just recently we started our adidas runners trail team. So if you are into trail running, we got you covered as well.

If you decide to run with adidas Runners NYC you don't have to worry that you won't fit it - we're an open community with people from all over the world. Some of us run fast as hell - others are just casual jogger. Thanks to the crew runners there are pacers at every run that help you to push through whatever pace you're at. Here are some great benefits for running with a group.

Where is the adidas Runners NYC Runbase?

Since the beginning of 2019, our community has a home. The Adidas runners NYC loft is located on 67 Greene Street in SoHo. A lot of the weekly programming will be hostest from the adidas runners NYC loft.

Join our adidas runners NYC Facebook group to get all the information when we're meeting up. Be part of the movement and come run with us. Due to the current restrictions, our run base is closed. Please come back to my website for the most recent updates on our adidas runners runs.

Adidas runners events

Even though the world is holding still right now: Besides running, we also love to dance, celebrate life and enjoy some great moments together. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for some fun adidas runners events here in the city. Adidas runners events are the best. The community comes together, there's a lot of fun and laughing involved and you will leave the event happy with tons of new friends.

How to get an adidas runners shirt?

In order to receive an adidas runners shirt you have to attend 5 runs and have the adidas runners points collected in your adidas running app. Your status will automatically change. Find out more about adidas runners on our official website.
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