Want to Manage Your Sweet Tooth? Try Sweet Defeat!

Sweet Defeat

Are you a lover of sweets and treats? Yep…same here. You are definitely not alone in that respect. I’m a notorious sweet tooth. In fact, even as an athlete, I struggle with sugar cravings just as much as the average person. 

There are many different techniques that I have tried over the years to fight the cravings but to no avail. Recently though, I discovered a product that has simplified the whole process – and then some!

I am talking about Sweet Defeat. It has single-handedly changed my whole dietary strategy! To learn how I have combated my cravings with Sweet Defeat, read along and learn some valuable tips.

The Hardest Part About Training: Saying “NO” to Junk Foods!

People often ask me what the hardest part of being a professional athlete is, but that’s not always an easy question to answer. To be honest, it varies from day to day, week to week. The grind of training, the challenge of finishing a marathon, the mental drain of resilience – it all adds up! 

But one thing I have noticed that stays a consistent challenge within my training and athletic lifestyle is that avoiding unhealthy foods – I’m looking at you, sweets – is always a struggle. 

So, yes. Running a marathon is one of the most difficult endurance feats to accomplish. Training for months on end and getting consistent miles in is never easy. But at the end of a long day of training, the hardest battles I constantly fight is the one that happens whenever I’m exhausted and have my guard down.

Fortunately, I found Sweet Defeat. And since I started taking their products, I have had direct control over my cravings – even on the most exhausting training days. 

It has worked so well that I’m going to share the details of how it has affected my overall training and lifestyle in a positive way. But first, let’s look at the product.

What is Sweet Defeat?

Sweet defeat products Sweet Defeat is a company that has made it their life’s work to create products that combat sugar cravings. Utilizing a lozenge form, all you have to do is put the lozenge on your tongue and let it dissolve. And, voila. Goodbye, cravings. 

How does this work though? Just take a lozenge and your cravings are gone?

Actually, yes! It’s that simple and it has worked great for me so far. Sweet Defeat utilizes 5 plant-based ingredients, which work together to stop cravings right away.

What are the ingredients in sweet defeat?

  • Gymnema
  • Zinc
  • Sorbitol
  • Mint
  • Spirulina Extract

These ingredients are where Sweet Defeat harnesses its power. Used together and with its rich mint taste, Sweet Defeat blocks sugar receptors in the taste buds, meaning donuts, cookies, and ice cream (to name a few) lose their sweetness. 

I used the lozenge right after a meal and the long run because those are typically the danger areas for me. I also found the Sweet Defeat gum to work really well in a pinch whenever I felt the cravings come on the strongest. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into just how much of an impact Sweet Defeat has made in my overall training.

How I Stopped Sugar Cravings Instantly During my Training Cycles for the Miami Marathon

Sweet defeatShort answer: Sweet Defeat helped me stop my cravings and freed up a lot of mental energy and stress spent trying to avoid junk foods. All of this helped me focus on my Miami Marathon training. Does sweet defeat really work?

By now, you already know one key thing about me: I have a huge sweet tooth. Because I train so hard and burn so many calories every day, my brain gives me every justification to get my sugar fix.

Let’s just say that fatigue and willpower don’t exactly go hand in hand. It’s definitely difficult to say no to sweets when you are ready to relax after a long day of training.

During my Miami Marathon training especially, and for whatever reason, I kept craving ice cream after a run. It’s a mystery to me because the cold New York days should have sent me running for hot soup! 

Regardless, I went through a spurt of sugar cravings that hit me especially hard on the days that I combined strength training with my endurance runs. The surprisingly easy fix? I just popped a Sweet Defeat lozenge in my mouth and let it dissolve. 

It started working and gave me enough of a buffer between cravings to change my mind about having ice cream instead of my healthy post-workout meal. And I did this continually during my training cycle. I have to tell you, it worked really well! 

Keeping Focused on the 2020 NYC Marathon and Beyond

How do you defeat sweet?Yes, the 2020 New York City Marathon isn’t until November, but I’m always looking ahead to break personal records and make sure all of my training is squared away. As I look to harness as much of my internal focus as possible, I will continue to factor Sweet Defeat into my overall dietary strategy.

Even though I am well-practiced at sticking to a strict diet, sometimes it’s difficult (and not very advantageous) to spend energy fighting cravings when I should be utilizing all focus for my training. 

So, because I had such positive results utilizing Sweet Defeat during the Miami Marathon, I’m going to make sure I have a lozenge on hand for any time I start to feel a craving come on: on off days, after training, and even during the morning when my blood sugar is low and every ounce of my being is rushing for a donut. 

I’m ready and confident to face this rest of this year knowing that I will have a bulletproof diet. 

It’s Only Natural to Crave Sweets as an Athlete, But I’d Rather Use Sweet Defeat

Sweet defeatIf you’re an athlete, it’s only natural to crave a certain food. Your body is trained to seek the nutrients that it needs – as a survival mechanism. But you don’t need to go the unhealthy route. 

Here’s the thing though…

My body might be yelling for a chocolate shake or some ice cream after a long day on the pavement, but in reality, the cravings are just temporary. They can be replaced with healthier, more natural alternatives that still fulfill the specific nutrient my body is craving. 

I know that sweets in moderation won’t harm my athletic progress. The body runs on sugar after all! But I need 100% focus on my craft and dodging dietary traps and sugar fixes are distracting and exhausting.  

Cheat days have their place. Indulging in sweets every now and then can be an amazing reward for hard work, but for the majority of my time, I’d rather use Sweet Defeat. Get 25% off your purchase with the code: brina25