My Summer essentials

Summer Essentials

My marathon training (for Berlin, Chicago and New York)  started back in July and looking back there are a few products I would like to highlight and share with you because they helped me to stay in my workout routine all happy and healthy.

In running, especially when you’re training for 3 back to back marathons, it’s important to make sure that everything blends in perfectly. From running gear, to nutrition and products you use for recovery, but also how to rock these long runs without getting bored or tired. 

In the end of this article you’ll find a fun Give-Away where you can win one of the products for yourself to check it out.

My summer essentials

 My Key products for great recovery 

Summer Essentials

As we all know, recovery is the absolute key to success. Beside enough sleep and excellent nutrition there are two products that I have been using this training cycle which deserve to be highlighted. 

Have you ever heard of Tiger Balm? With nearly 100 years of proven success in almost 100 countries Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray helps you exactly where it hurts after intense training. 

Marathon training is tough on your body so sometimes you’ll feel pain, aches and discomfort. Tiger Balm Active has a special smell and reliefs pain within minutes. I enjoy the Active Muscle Spray the most because it’s easier to use and easy-to-apply honestly.

If you haven’t tried Tiger Balm Active yet, make sure to do so. It was another game changer for me.

Also great for recovery and hurting feet after hours of running are insoles from GO Comfort. These insoles are backed by the shape experts at Superfeet and feel amazing in your shoes. Nothing that bothers, it’s a great insole for the every day use. You can tell that they have 4 decades of experience.

Go Comfort offers comfort insoles, work insoles and athletic insoles – I personally use the all day / comfort insoles, because they support me with my recovery: They are delivering 18+ hour comfort for long-lasting support and help relieve arch and heel pain.

If you have ever trained for long distance races such a Marathon’s and Iron Man’s, you know how foot pain can feel like. It’s horrible. Go Comfort insole did help me a lot with my foot pain.

Check them out and get 20% off + Free Shipping (Code: GOcomfortBB20).

 Music or podcasts 

Summer Essentials

I would like to start my list of summer essentials with a simple trick how I entertain myself during hours of running outside. Unfortunately I cannot run every single session with my crew, my running partners, or my coach, so there has to be a way to keep myself occupied during the long runs.

I like to listen to podcasts, music or audio books, time flies super fast then. AfterShokz headphones are my number one product when it comes to audio entertainment while running. 

The way they work is that they use bone conduction technology, leaving your eardrums open to your environment. I used to get pain in my ears after a while of using other brands, but AfterShokz has been a life changer for me. They don’t sit inside your ears or over your ears. It’s a whole new experience.

Check them out here and get $55 OFF when using Discount Code: BABBLE.

My partner in fitness

Summer Essentials

As you all know, I’m doing both running and bodybuilding. When it comes to my fitness routine I have found a product this summer that really helps me with energy and focus. My absolute favorite gym buddy this summer is CELIUS Original Line: Sparkling Kiwi Guava.

Compared to other energy drinks CELSIUS is the better alternative, because it has no artificial preservatives or flavors, also no aspartame or anything like his fructose corn syrup. On top of that it’s very low in sodium. I found out that it increases my heart rate during working out which makes me burn more calories.

How this works? It’s thermogenic. The proprietary MetaPlus blend accelerates metabolism, which supports your body to increase the ability to burn fat and calories. I wouldn’t use it for running but for tough workouts like leg days – I have way more energy.

Check out CELSIUS: Your Ultimate Fitness Partner® – I’m pretty sure you will love it. 

Summer essentials Give-Away

If you would like to try one of these products head over to my Instagram and sign up for the amazing Give-Away that I posted on my account. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email. This post is sponsored by

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