How hard we actually work

Statistics behind the success


Last week I was talking about my reasons for running and how much hard work I put in to crush my goals. We all know that running is good for our health and makes us feel good about ourselves. But do you know the numbers? I’ve pointed out some fun statistic about running which show how hard we actually work.


Number of weeks it takes to transition from non-runner to half-marathon finisher while following a sensible training plan.

7,000 Calories

Number to burn to lose one pound, according to a new formula from the National Institutes of Health.


The minimum number of minutes a run should last to realize full health benefits of the exercise.

115 per week

How many miles marathoner Shalane Flanagan ran while training for the 2016 Olympics.


Adding a single day of hill repeats per week can help you become a faster runner.


Number of weeks of consistent work it takes to make solid strength gains in the weight room.


How many days it took Claire Lomas to complete the London Marathon in 2012: Lomas, who is paralyzed from the chest down, wore a bionic suit and managed to walk up to 2 miles of the course per day.


Average days it takes to see results from a specific running workout, such as a speed session at the track or hill repeats.


The average number of days it takes for a new habit to stick.

Let me tell you: Running success doesn’t come overnight. But we all get stuck in hard training and sometimes we forget how much hard work we already putting in. So even, if you’re still not running your goal pace, never forget that you’re a bad-ass anyways and you will get there. No matter what.