New York Marathon Canceled

New York Marathon Canceled for 2020

It is the world’s largest marathon and my favorite race of all time. This year, we won’t be able to run it which is not surprising after watching many of the mayors and local races getting canceled. However, runners across the globe are disappointed and bummed about the NYC Marathon being canceled for 2020. NYRR […]

Virtual Boston Marathon 2020

Boston Marathon Canceled for 2020

The Boston Marathon is canceled. For the first time ever. It’s been a rough year for the running community. Even though it is not surprising the Boston Marathon which had been postponed from April until September, is now off completely. This is the first time ever that the Boston Marathon got canceled. With the cancelation of […]

The miami half marathon

Your Miami Half Marathon Guide

I ran the Miami Half Marathon in 2020. In this article, I will share all the details about the Lifetime Miami Half Marathon. Hopefully, you learn something. And even more so, I hope you get inspired to run the Miami Half along with me. in 2021.

Brooklyn Half Race Strategy

Brooklyn Half Marathon Race Strategy

The Brooklyn Half Marathon takes you from Eastern Parkway to the finish line on the boardwalk at Coney Island. It’s an iconic 13.1-mile journey through the amazing borough of Brooklyn. The Popular Brooklyn Half is a fun race and a good one to pr since it’s just a bit hilly in the beginning and then entirely flat for […]

Berlin Marathon review: Start line

Berlin Marathon 2019: Full Race Recap

The beauty (or the curse) of running a marathon is that you never know what you’ll be going to get. You can have a great race or a really shitty one. You just never know. Multiple factors come into place. Some of them you can control while others are completely out of your hands. This […]

Chicago Marathon course

Chicago Marathon Course Strategy

The Chicago Marathon is one of the greatest marathons you can possibly run. It’s great for experienced runners as well as first-timers. And the course itself is stunning. You can expect over 45,000 runners and hundreds of thousands of spectators cheering you on. The course is also pretty flat, making the Chicago Marathon one of […]

NYC Marathon experience

My NYC Marathon experience

4 months of training. Total logged distance (mi): 423.50 (677.60 km). 50,000 runners at the start. 5 boroughs from Staten Island to Manhattan. 10,000 volunteers who pitched in, and the million-plus spectators who cheered from the sidelines. 26.2 miles – a journey I will never forget. A lot of people have warned me that this race, or […]

Peachtree Road Race

Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta

The Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta – It’s the world’s largest 10K road race. 60.000 runners with more than 45 years and counting in the making. The largest Road Race of any kind in the States. The race attracts some of the world’s elite runners and has served as both the United States’ men’s and women’s […]

Empire State Building Run-Up

Empire State Building Run-Up

The Empire State Building Run-Up: It’s the most famous tower race in the world. It challenges athletes from all over the globe to run the 1576 stairs (86 flights). This year I was one of them. When I got the email from Turkish Airlines, the sponsor of the race, I thought they were joking. It […]

My perfect trail

7 Common Half Marathon Mistakes

One of my clients is running his first half marathon very soon. Actually he is super scared that his race will go horribly wrong. We had a quick chat at a coffee shop last week about the 7 common half marathon mistakes that could happen to him. How you can avoid screwing your race? Read this: […]