Running in the cold

Sabrina Wieser running in the cold

Winter is here and getting out of the bed in morning, when it’s still dark and cold outside is tough. How I miss the summer, but it doesn’t help it’s about time to talk cold weather running gear and how running in cold weather affects your body, especially when you aren’t dressed warm enough.

Running in cold weather

Can you get sick when you’re running in the cold? You won’t get sick, when you’re dressed right and your immune system will only get stronger, when you get out to run during the colder months of the year.

There a few tips for running in the cold and how to stay safe during the winter months I’m always taking care of. One thing I can assure you is that the temperatures on the weather forecast won’t feel the same when you’re moving. When you dress for running in cold weather keep in mind that once you start running, your body heats up fast.

But it’s also the other way around, once you finish your workout you will cool down much quicker than in the summer. Getting out of the wet clothes as fast as you can is crucial. Bring a change of clothes and put them on once you finished your run.

What to wear when running in the cold

Layers – layers – layers. Start your run warm and comfy and take off a layer or even two, when you’re warmed up and tie them around your waist. I always wear the warmest layer on the bottom so that once I start taking things off I’m still dressed warm enough at the end.

I’m also sharing with you my favorite cold weather running gear today. There are a couple of essentials you should have at home when training in the winter months. 

Cold weather running gear

The right cold weather running gear is extremely important in the winter. Layer up with at least 3 layers, I wear a scarf, gloves and a hat. Cover your ears, hands and ankles. Also make sure that you run with the wind in your face on the way out and wind at your back the second half of the route (if that’s possible).

If you run with the wind at your back the first half of a run, you’ll get hot and sweaty and when you turn around, the wind will get very cold.

Here are some suggestions for basic winter running gear. 

Hydration during the winter

I tend to drink a lot no matter how cold or hot it is anyways, but for some of us it’s different: It may be cold and dry outside, and you might not think that you’re sweating, but you could be losing just as much fluid in the winter as you do in the summer. So make sure to hydrate just as good like it’s 80 degrees outside. 

Temperatures below zero

Here in New York we can get super cold winters where temperatures dip below freezing, be sure and pay attention to local weather information and warnings. Have an eye on the winds and on the “feels like” temperature to determine what to wear. 

Sometimes it’s best to hit the gym instead of running outside because cold temperatures and dry air can aggravate some health conditions. 

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