NYC Half Marathon Review

Training for a half marathon

I love long distance running which is why the half marathon distance is my favorite. Training for a half marathon requires not as much time as you would need it for a full marathon but it is still challenging. Half marathon training means for me to run more than 35 miles per week. Sometimes a […]

Running for weight loss

Tips for running beginners

I remember, when I first started running. It was more a mixture of running and walking, but I became better and better. To all the running beginners reading this, the key is: Be patient and give your body all the time to adjust to the new workout you’re doing. This article is a short guide […]

marathon recovery

My marathon recovery plan

The race is done. You did it. You finished a marathon and ran 26.2 miles. But now what? What are the best tips to recover after a marathon. Is there such thing as a marathon recovery week? I’m sharing my tips for a fast recovery after a marathon and my go-to marathon recovery plan:  Marathon […]


My marathon mistakes in Berlin

This year I ran the Berlin Marathon for the first time. After 3 weeks of progressing every single step of this marathon I know today what kind of marathon mistakes I have made and how I can avoid them in the future. If you’re looking for possible marathon mistakes and how to avoid them this is your article:  […]

taper for a marathon

How to taper for a marathon

Tapering before a marathon is as important as the hard work you have done so far. Welcome to taper city, taper town or however you want to name the last stretch before the big race. But how do you taper for a marathon? Tapering should start three weeks out before the marathon. The physical work […]

Running back to back Marathons

Running back to back Marathons

It seems like running back to back marathons become more and more popular. Even for myself the magic of running multiple marathons got me this year. I will be running the Berlin Marathon, Chicago and the TCS New York City Marathon in November. All in a 7 weeks window. It’s all about to train and […]


4 Best Stretches to Do before Running

This is a guest blog posting from Patrick, a fitness trainer and a blogger at Fix Your Walk. He has created his website in order to help people who are suffering from foot pain caused by many different factors. Make sure you follow him on Twitter  Stretching for runners is a very important topic. Like with […]

Last-Minute Race Day Tips

Last-Minute Race Day Tips

New York is getting ready for the NYC Half Marathon 2018 and more than 20.000 runners are getting into the pre-race-blues. The week before an important race is a mix of excitement, anxiety and pure joy. Even though I ran the NYC Half multiple times already it always gives me butterflies. It’s New York’s biggest […]

5K training plan

From the couch to a 5K

First of all: I’m glad that you’re doing it. Wow. You decided to achieve your first goal as a runner. You signed up for your first 5K race, or you just want to reach your first distance goal. Goals are always great to make you stick to your running training. First off, you may be […]

How often do you run

How often do you run?

It’s a very common question I get asked several times per week: How often do you run Sabrina? Should you run every day? How often should beginners run? Depending on your goals and fitness level my answers are always different. How often do you run a week? For me personally I train 4 times a week. […]