Marathon Training Tips Q&A

Marathon Training Tips
I've been training for the TCS New York City Marathon for 9 weeks now and I have received so many questions so far that I decided to come up with a fun Marathon Training Tips Q&A where I will explain marathon training tips for first timers, the secret behind my marathon training diet, how my gym sessions are going and my marathon training schedule so far. Marathon Training Tips [...]
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How often do you run?

How often do you run
It's a very common question I get asked several times per week: How often do you run Sabrina? Should you run every day? How often should beginners run? Depending on your goals and fitness level my answers are always different. How often do you run a week? For me personally I train 4 times a week. So how often you run a week is based on [...]
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How to learn a language while running

Running and lifting
It’s no secret that exercise improves your brain, but is it possible to learn a language while running? Studies continue to reveal that regular exercise, the kind that puts you out of breath and makes you sweaty, literally boosts the size of the hippocampus. (more…)
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It’s never too late: Running over 50

Running over 50
Running over 50? Actually I know a lot of really good runners who are over the age of 50. One good example is a runner I met on my last race in Central Park. While I was waiting in front of the bathroom at my race last Sunday, I had the chance to talk to a pretty inspiring old lady. I was chatting about stretching and [...]
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