About the love for running

Love Running Quotes
Valentine's Day last week made think about love in my life. Who do I love and why...and also who I do not love. I spent hours of reading online about love and studied love running quotes. I realized that a day like this is not just for a significant other; it’s a great time to include your best friends and family in the lovefest. Your boyfriend, your husband or [...]
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Track time: My day at the Armory NYC

The Armory NYC
When I received the invitation from the Armory Foundation NYC to join them at the NYRR Night Series I felt super excited. Every runners heart beats for events like that, right? Well, my heart wasn't always beating for track and field to be honest. Back in the days a place like the Armory NYC could have never impressed me so much like it does today. [...]
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Tips For Traveling Runners

Traveling Tips For Runners
No matter if you're going on a business trip, you're going on vacation or you're participating in a destination race: Traveling as a runner can be tough. I'm leaving to Germany this week. YES! The struggle is real. I'll have to adjust to climate, altitude and time zone changes and also deal with lack of sleep and limited access to certain foods I'm eating on a regular [...]
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5 common running mistakes beginners make

NYC Running
Running mistakes: my favorite topic! When I think back at the time when I started running it reminds me of all the running mistakes I made as a running newbie. Running mistakes I should have known better if I would have done some research to avoid them. There is a lot you can do wrong when you first start running and the are a lot of running [...]
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It’s never too late: Running over 50

Running over 50
Running over 50? Actually I know a lot of really good runners who are over the age of 50. One good example is a runner I met on my last race in Central Park. While I was waiting in front of the bathroom at my race last Sunday, I had the chance to talk to a pretty inspiring old lady. I was chatting about stretching and [...]
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