Running gear for women

The Best Running Gear for Women

Are you looking for the best running gear for women? Whether you are brand new to running, or an experienced runner, having the right gear for the sport makes all the difference. Women in the U.S. aren’t just running for fun either.  According to Running USA, over 60% of participants in a road race in […]


Running on the beach

Meet a living legendIf you’re leaving for vacation, and you are planning on taking your love for running to the shoreline, you should read these tips for running on the beach before you do so. It is one of the most beautiful places a runner can get a workout done, but it is important to […]

senior running

Should You Adjust Your Running as You Age?

Running offers fantastic benefits for overall health at any age. It’s wonderful for cardiovascular health and lowering blood pressure, and it’s incredibly effective for maintaining strength and fitness as you get older, too. However, it’s also a high impact sport that can be tough on your bones, joints, and muscles. If you’re a runner over […]

breathe while running

How to breathe while running

My running breathing tipsBreathing while running – what are the best running breathing techniques for beginners? Pace, cadence, and form are all important factors in running, but without the right breathing strategy, your run may be much shorter than you want it to be. If you’re new to endurance training, you may find that the […]

running frequency

How often should you run?

Heading outside every single day. No rest days. We don’t need breaks. We’re superheroes. Running superheroes! But seriously: How often should a runner run per week? How many times should you run a week?

best running socks women's

The best running socks for women

While there are so many cute running socks out there, you may often wonder which are the best running socks for women. There are so many different varieties like thin running socks, cushioned running socks, winter running socks, amazing marathon running women’s socks, and my favorite summer running socks.  What socks do runners wear? And should […]

Running in New York City

Running in New York City

The city's most famous running courses Running in New York City is one of the greatest things you can experience as a runner. It’s truly amazing and the running routes in New York are breathtaking, also challenging and give you some local flavor if you want to. From running in Central Park to crossing the […]

recover after a half marathon

How to recover after your first half marathon

How quickly you are back in action after a half marathon depends on a few key aspects of post-half marathon recovery. A week after the NYC Half, my first half marathon many years ago, I bounced back to training while still feeling thrilled by the amazing race.

Running Coach NYC

Running Coach NYC

Marathon and Running Coaching You are new to running or you are looking for a professional coach to customize your next training plan? Having me by your side as a running coach in NYC will immediately affect your training success. I’ve worked with running beginners and pro-level runners and they all have stopped wondering if […]

Sabrina Wieser running in the cold

The Best Advice for Running in Cold Weather: A Guide for Runners

Winter is here. And with the cold weather comes the hardest part of all: leaving the warm bed for those brisk morning runs. I gotta tell you, I already miss the summertime, but it will be here again before long. In the meantime, here is some of the best advice I can give on running in the cold.