Marathon recovery

Post-marathon recovery

Congratulations: You’ve done it. You’re a marathoner. As the excitement and cheers slowly die down, reality might kick in – and fast. Soreness, fatigue, and pain. So what is the fastest way to recover from a marathon? Things like ice-baths, deep tissue massages, and even foam rollers may seem for many like they’re meant for […]

Running and lifting

How to learn a language while running

It’s no secret that exercise improves your brain, but is it possible to learn a language while running? Studies continue to reveal that regular exercise, the kind that puts you out of breath and makes you sweaty, literally boosts the size of the hippocampus.

Innovo leaking shorts

INNOVO pelvic floor shorts review

Did you know 1 out of 3 women experience incontinence? Yep, I said it. It can feel a little embarrassing but what can be more empowering for us women to actually have the chance to control this issue. Are you feeling the same? You are not alone because after all, leaks are generally brought on by everyday things like laughing, sneezing, etc.

superfeet insoles

How to Find the Best Insoles For Running

Running can be hard on your feet. Depending on the mileage and your form while running, finding a good running insole can be very beneficial for your running performance. But which insoles for running shoes are the best? After testing many different insoles there’s one brand that clearly stood out to me. Superfeet’s running insoles have provided me great arch support and a lot of comfort.

Mahabis running slippers

The best slippers for runners: Mahabis review

Mahabis is an award-winning footwear brand known for innovation - creating eco-friendly premium slippers for men and women. As a runner, you not only need comfortable running shoes but also shoes that you can wear outside of running which offer the same comfort and keep you ready for your runs and training. 

How does Biofreeze work?

Does Biofreeze help with recovery?

I used to fall into the trap of not dedicating enough time to recovery or even taking care of my muscle soreness head-on. We push and push and are forgetting the most important part that actually helps us to become stronger and faster.

adidas Runners NYC

Adidas Runners NYC

Are you visiting New York City and you’re looking for a great group of people to run with? Or maybe you live and run in New York already and want to join an international movement of runners and urban athletes to become part of our big journey? First of all adidas runners NYC is not […]

Running shoes

The Best Running Shoes for You

Having the right shoe to run with is absolutely essential. You can end up with sore or damaged feet if your footwear is uncomfortable. Worse, having the wrong running shoes can cause injury to your entire body including your shins, knees, hips, and back.  

Sabrina Wieser running along the river

How to start running again?

Has it been a while since you laced up your shoes the last time and now you are ready to start running again? Regardless of the reasons why you took a break from running (injury, stress, family, work, or a lack of motivation), it can be a challenge to get back to running after a long break. Especially when you've been out for several weeks or even months, it is important to ease back in carefully to avoid injuries and other frustrations. 

Labrador retriever Cooper outside running

7 Tips for running with your dog 

We all love having a friend to run with! Running with your dog can give you an extra sense of motivation, and you can accomplish a lot when you both get out and exercise together.   But before you strap on Fido’s leash and hit the pavement, you should consider a few things, namely, what are some safe ways to run with your dog?