How often should you run?

running frequency
Let’s discuss the running frequency! “Oh, you’re a runner. So you’re running every day?” – I’ve heard this question so many times that I have lost count, but it’s actually a common idea when non-runners picture a runner. Heading outside every single day. No rest days. We don’t need breaks. We’re superheroes. Running superheroes! But seriously: How often should a runner run per week? How [...]
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How to recover after your first half marathon

recover after a half marathon
How quickly you are back in action after a half marathon depends on a few key aspects of post-half marathon recovery. A week after the NYC Half, my first half marathon many years ago, I bounced back to training while still feeling thrilled by the amazing race. Being able to start training again 100%, only 6 days after a half marathon, is great for your [...]
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Running Coach NYC

Running Coach NYC
You are new to running or you are looking for a professional coach to customize your next training plan? Having me by your side as a running coach in NYC will immediately affect your training success. I've worked with running beginners and pro-level runners and they all have stopped wondering if they could run faster: They just did. Personal & Online Running Coaching Running is [...]
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The Best Advice for Running in Cold Weather: A Guide for Runners

Sabrina Wieser running in the cold
Winter is here. And with the cold weather comes the hardest part of all: leaving the warm bed for those brisk morning runs. I gotta tell you, I already miss the summertime, but it will be here again before long. In the meantime, here is some of the best advice I can give on running in the cold. Can you get sick from running in [...]
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Marathon Recovery Tips

Marathon Recovery Tips with Biofreeze
Disclaimer: These are my personal marathon recovery tips, but you should consult with your coach, trainer or medical professional on a recovery plan that fits your needs. Recovering from a marathon and a distance of 26.2 miles is a very important component of your perfect training plan. Unfortunately, most runners often neglect marathon recovery tips and jump right back into training when the soreness is [...]
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How to Run Well: The Best Running Tips for Beginners

running for beginners
Being a beginner at running can be equal parts exhilarating and intimidating. You might be thinking: what kind of shoes should I get? What kind of terrain should I focus on? Will I start running outdoors or on the treadmill? Am I breathing right? Or even, how realistic is finishing a 5K in my first few months of training (very realistic actually!) But let’s take [...]
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Top 7 Ways to Treat Your Runner’s Knee

How to get rid of a runner's knee
Although runner’s knee is quite common among runners, it’s not really one specific injury. It’s actually a broad term that is used to describe knee pain that runners can experience for many different reasons. If you see a doctor for your runner’s knee, he will probably call it patellofemoral pain syndrome. Today you will find out what is the fastest way to get rid of [...]
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IV Therapy: The Runner’s Secret Weapon?

iv-therapy-for-runners benefits
Every runner experiences it at some point in their life, especially if you run long distances. The discomfort and pain of overexertion. It’s not only the debilitating fatigue, but also the headaches, muscle aches, and the intensely uncomfortable gastrointestinal issues.  All you want to do is crash. You can’t move without every inch of your body hurting. Unfortunately, you also find yourself having to run [...]
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Adidas Runners NYC

adidas Runners NYC
Are you visiting New York City and you're looking for a great group of people to run with? Or maybe you live and run in New York already and want to join an international movement of runners and urban athletes to become part of our big journey? First of all adidas runners NYC is not a running crew. Some people call us the adidas run club [...]
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Training for a half marathon

NYC Half Marathon Review
I love long distance running which is why the half marathon distance is my favorite. Training for a half marathon requires not as much time as you would need it for a full marathon but it is still challenging. Half marathon training means for me to run more than 35 miles per week. Sometimes a bit more. Now you’re asking yourself „how far is a [...]
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