My favorite Quad Exercise for runners

Quad Exercise For Runners

Let me highlight the most effective quad exercise for runners. As most of you may know I do both bodybuilding and running and couldn’t be happier how both sports benefit from each other so much.

Why is strengthen your quadriceps so important? Our quads are the primary movers in the running motion. Developing these muscles and strengthens them will make you stronger and faster in running.

Quad Exercise for runners: Speed & Injury Prevention

The very common running injury “runner’s knee” is often caused by a weak quadriceps. By strengthen your quads with my favorite quad exercises for runners it will help you to prevent injuries and increase the power in your legs. Ever since I started training my legs (especially my quads) pretty heavy and regularly I have gotten much faster on the hills and I’m less sore than I used to.

Please make sure to also work on your hamstrings when you strengthen your quads. Your quadriceps is already stronger due to the running motion and most runners have weaker hamstrings than quads. So don’t train your quads exclusively. Maintain the balance and perform hamstring exercises as well (deadlifts, leg curls for example)

Video: Quad Exercises for runners

4 x 12-15 reps Kettlebell Squats 

Superset: 6-8 Kettlebell Pause Squats (3 sec pause)


4x 20 reps Smith Squats 


4x 10 reps One Leg Pistol Squats


4x 12-15 reps Single-Leg Extension 

Superset: 12-15 Regular Leg Extension

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