My Bad Workout Advice

Bad Workout Advice

Let’s keep it real. It happens to all of us. Experiencing a bad workout / run is frustrating and sometimes irritating because most of the times it happens out of the blue. Of course it has happened to me before and I’m not going to lie: It’s super annoying. But why do bad workouts happen […]

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7 Ways I Turned Into An Athlete

Looking back to my progress in running and weight lifting the past years I consider myself as an athlete today. First of all: there is not one person who can tell you if you are or are not an athlete. Athletes come in every shape and size and only you can control how you view […]

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How often do you run?

How often do you run

It’s a very common question I get asked several times per week: How often do you run Sabrina? Should you run every day? How often should beginners run? Depending on your goals and fitness level my answers are always different. How often do you run a week? For me personally I train 4 times a week. […]

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Macronutrients for runners

macronutrients for runners

You might know your macros and I’m sure you have heard the word before. If so, you know how much carbs you are going to eat before your run and how much protein will follow after your workout, right? Awesome. But what about macronutrients for runners?

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Own your second skin

Second Skin

Last Wednesday I was invited to a private event to check out Dick’s Sporting Goods new line of private-label training apparel called Second Skin. About 20 athletes such as spartan race athlete Hunter McIntyre met at the Tonehouse in New York to experience the so called “hardest workout in the city” lead by 

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Probiotics for runners?

probiotics for runners

I’m not making a secret of how probiotics have helped me the past months to become more healthier and perform much better in my training. I’m faster, stronger and I don’t have to deal with digestive problems anymore. So to respond to the question if you need probiotics my answer is always yes. It is […]

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Runtastic Ambassador Weekend


“It’s not about the places you go. It’s about the people you meet.” The Runtastic Ambassador weekend is over and I still can’t stop smiling. Runtastic invited the ambassadors from all over the world to meet up in Vienna last weekend to run, workout and explore the city of Vienna. I remember being super excited because […]

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Real Talk: Running benefits

Running benefits

The benefits of running are pretty amazing. You’ve never been a huge fan of running? You should read this article and face the truth: Running is a all-rounder for your good health. These running benefits are about to change your mind. Lace up your running shoes and stalk taking advantage of the benefits running brings […]

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Race recap: Queens 10K

Queens 10K

Flushing Meadows Corona Park hosted thousands of runners at the NYRR Queens 10K on Saturday, the third race in the NYRR Five-Borough Series. As you might remember the Queens 10K is not my favorite race here in New York City. This year though the Queens 10K wasn’t too bad, it was actually my fastest 10K ever. […]

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Runners Life: Meet Marnie from Runstreet


Last week I was invited to the adidas x Parley Run For The Oceans event in New York City. It was a big party with music, a fast 5K run, food, drinks but most importantly with a lot of inspiring athletes from all over the world. A friend of mine introduced me to Marnie Kunz who […]

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