Yoga for Runners

The best yoga poses for runners
Let's finally dive into one of my favorite topics: Yoga for Runners! My wonderful friend Sharon (@pineapple.yogi) who is also an excellent Yoga instructor in New York City is sharing the best Yoga Routine for runners with us today. While a simple yoga routine for runners loosens tight spots in our bodies it also strengthens weak spots. And if you were wondering, it makes you a [...]
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Apple vs Garmin: Which Watch is Better for Runners

apple watch vs garmin
Running watches are notoriously difficult to decide on. Also, when weighing your options you might - despite best intentions - go for a flashy watch that doesn’t suit your specific needs as a runner. And that bulky watch with a thousand features that you have been eyeballing might actually be the least comfortable device you have ever strapped on your wrist. Apple vs Garmin, which [...]
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Does Biofreeze help with recovery?

How does Biofreeze work?
I used to fall into the trap of not dedicating enough time to recovery or even taking care of my muscle soreness head-on. We push and push and are forgetting the most important part that actually helps us to become stronger and faster. Recovery is key to accomplishing any running goal you may have set for yourself. Today I will share my experience with Biofreeze [...]
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How to balance running and weightlifting

running-and-weightlifting plans
Finding a perfect balance between running and weightlifting is hard. Often it confuses runners because they assume both sports don’t work together. But how can you work on your endurance and speed and build lean muscle mass at the same time without being sore all day and not getting injured? Balancing running and weightlifting has been a part of my routine for years now. I [...]
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Energy supplements for running

energy supplements for running
Endurance athletes such as runners, swimmers, or cyclists typically spend hours performing their sport. Whether it's clocking down miles over miles in long-distance training, over 200 miles on a bike, or swimming endless laps in the pool. With all these training sessions and extreme demands on our bodies both physically and mentally athletes should pay close attention to their diet and correct supplementation. I get [...]
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The best running socks for women

best running socks women's
While there are so many cute running socks out there, you may often wonder which are the best running socks for women. There are so many different varieties like thin running socks, cushioned running socks, winter running socks, amazing marathon running women's socks, and my favorite summer running socks.  What socks do runners wear? And should running socks be thick or thin? In this article, I'll [...]
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Runners thoughts while running a race

Thoughts while running
My Mom recently asked me what I'm thinking about while I'm running a race. Especially in my longer races. First of all, there is so much stuff going on my mind, when I'm running a race, or when I'm running in training. When I cross the starting line at a race, I am listening to the conversations of the runners around me and fuel a [...]
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The best Vitamin C supplement for runners

Being an essential vitamin that can't be produced by the body, vitamin C has an important role in our body. Vitamin C benefits are scientifically proven. This article will share the best Vitamin C supplement and its benefits for runners. The vitamin C sources can be fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and spinach, but also capsules and powders. My go-to [...]
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The Berlin Marathon has been canceled

Berlin Marathon 2019 course
Marathon runners have to strong lately while races are being canceled or postponed. The most breaking news about the Berlin Marathon being canceled for the end of September is not encouraging for what's still ahead of us. Berlin Marathon 2020 has been canceled According to several news reports from German news sources such as and this year's Berlin Marathon has been canceled. The [...]
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Berlin Marathon 2020 course

Berlin Marathon 2019 course
Unfortunately, the Berlin Marathon has been canceled for the end of September of 2020. Please find more info here. Let's talk about the Berlin Marathon 2020 course, guys. The Berlin Marathon is one of the largest and most famous marathons ever. Berlin is part of the World Marathon Majors and also known as the fastest course in the world. In 2018 Kipchoge was able to [...]
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