Berlin Marathon 2020 course

Berlin Marathon 2019 course
Unfortunately, the Berlin Marathon has been canceled for the end of September of 2020. Please find more info here. Let's talk about the Berlin Marathon 2020 course, guys. The Berlin Marathon is one of the largest and most famous marathons ever. Berlin is part of the World Marathon Majors and also known as the fastest course in the world. In 2018 Kipchoge was able to [...]
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The 6 Best Dog Running Leash (Hands-Free) in 2020

Dog running leash
Are you looking for the perfect dog running leash? You guys know, for me there’s nothing like a run with my best friend Cooper. I'm getting lots of requests from dog owners who are also runners that are wondering what is the best hands-free dog leash? But first, let's explain in detail what is a hands-free dog leash? A hands-free dog leash for running comes [...]
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Strength training for runners
I recently asked you guys on my Instagram about topics I should cover. The question I got asked the most was: “How about strength training for runners, Sabrina? – How do you do both?” This is a great topic since I have been doing Running & Strength Training for the last 5 years as a running coach and athlete. But how can you combine both [...]
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15 Best Supplements For Runners

Best supplements for runners
Do runners need supplements? The best supplements for runners is a very specific topic. For a lot of newbies entering a supplement shop without proper research can lead to wasting a lot of money. You could spend huge amounts on supplements, protein powders and vitamins for runners but at the end of the day, you really don't need them all. As a running coach and [...]
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Checking in on Dirty Old Sneakers

Especially during times like this, the running community is more valuable than ever for me which is why I sat down (virtually) with Eric (Dirty Old Sneakers) to discuss new goals, fears and how to adjust to a time where people have to keep a 6 feet distance. I asked Eric, who on his social channels (check out his amazing YouTube Channel) discusses everything running, cycling [...]
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How runners benefit from probiotics

One of the most common questions I get asked is "How do get all this training done?!" Actually a good question considering the fact that most of the days I have to train twice per day to reach my goals as a runner and building muscles at the gym almost every night. So, thanks for asking everyone. Well, first of all: Eating a healthy diet, [...]
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A Guide to the Best gifts for runners

The best gifts for runners
Are you looking for gift ideas for runners? We are picky people. Especially when it comes to our gear and equipment. As a runner, I will share my favorite gifts for runners and gift ideas for runners that you will love.  What do runners like for gifts? What do you get a runner for his birthday? These gifts for runners are perfect for runners at any [...]
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Macronutrients for runners

macronutrients for runners
You might know your macros and I'm sure you have heard the word before. If so, you know how much carbs you are going to eat before your run and how much protein will follow after your workout, right? Awesome. But what about macronutrients for runners? Macronutrients for runners: Boost your running performance Macros are definitely important but don't get too focused on them. There is [...]
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Collagen Supplement Benefits For Runners

For those of you who follow my blog for a while already, you might know how obsessed I am with collagen protein and love to take advantage of the collagen supplement benefits. For some reason, I'm not the person who likes to have it in my shake but I do love it in my overnight oats for example. Whether you're an athlete, trying to get better [...]
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The best core workout for runners

ab workout routine
What's the best core workout for runners? Most runners have the privilege to have a strong core through running already. The way your body is moving while running is training your entire core. Strength training and core workouts go hand in hand with running. While experts may disagree on exactly which muscles comprise the "core" group, they almost all agree that improving muscular strength by developing [...]
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