Gold medal nutrition for runners

nutrition for runners

Let’s break some bad eating habits and let’s start to eat like a pro athlete. What’s the secret to a great diet that will keep you healthy and looking shredded? Obviously these athletes need to get their hard training done every single day. They need to fuel their bodies properly to perform 100%. Let’s eat […]

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How to stop sugar cravings

Sabrina Wieser running in Manhattan

With the holidays behind us sugar cravings are a real problem. I’m usually very aware of my diet and that I’m not inhaling candy bars after candy bars but during the holidays, let’s be honest, we take things a little bit more easily. Learn in this article  today how to stop sugar cravings instantly. What is sugar […]

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Running in the cold

Sabrina Wieser running in the cold

Winter is here and getting out of the bed in morning, when it’s still dark and cold outside is tough. How I miss the summer, but it doesn’t help it’s about time to talk cold weather running gear and how running in cold weather affects your body, especially when you aren’t dressed warm enough. Running […]

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Happy Holidays Workout

Holiday workout

With the holidays approaching I want to share again one of my first videos with runtastic which was filmed while I was in Austria for Runtastic last year. With the holidays approaching this can be super helpful, when there’s no gym around. It’s a great workout you can do at home, at your grandmas house, […]

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Training for a half marathon

NYC Half Marathon Review

I love long distance running which is why the half marathon distance is my favorite. Training for a half marathon requires not as much time as you would need it for a full marathon but it is still challenging. Half marathon training means for me to run more than 35 miles per week. Sometimes a […]

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Mental strength in running

mental strength in running

“It all starts in your mind” – We all heard this phrase before. But have you ever thought about how much your mind really affects your running performance? Marathoners know the mental strength in running. There is no such thing than a great mindset. Heading to a race with all positive thoughts means you’re half […]

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Tips for running beginners

Running for beginners

I remember, when I first started running. It was more a mixture of running and walking, but I became better and better. To all the running beginners reading this, the key is: Be patient and give your body all the time to adjust to the new workout you’re doing. This article is a short guide […]

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My marathon recovery plan

marathon recovery

The race is done. You did it. You finished a marathon and ran 26.2 miles. But now what? What are the best tips to recover after a marathon. Is there such thing as a marathon recovery week? I’m sharing my tips for a fast recovery after a marathon and my go-to marathon recovery plan:  Marathon […]

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My NYC Marathon Tips and Tricks

NYC Marathon tips and tricks

Are you running the NYC Marathon? Congrats! The NYC Marathon is one of the greatest marathons in the world and it’s a remarkable experience you will probably never forget.  When the city that never sleeps gets ready for the marathon make sure you know all the NYC Marathon tips and tricks, so that you are […]

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New York City Marathon Course

New York City Marathon Course

Are you running the New York City Marathon 2019 and are wondering about the NYC Marathon route and the perfect New York City Marathon course strategy? The TCS New York City Marathon is one of the greatest in the world. Not only because of the crowds but also because of it’s scenic course you will probably […]

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