Half Marathon Training Tips

Half Marathon Training Tips

Half Marathon training tips are super important especially when you are planning on running your first Half Marathon and you are looking for Half Marathon training tips for beginners. But even when you have ran the 13.1 miles race several times before Half Marathon training tips never get old. Here are some great advise for your […]

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How to burn fat while running

burn fat while running

I’ve been asked frequently how to burn fat while running and what’s the best way of losing weight while running. First of all everybody is different and every body works different so there is no bible on how to burn fat while running that works for everyone. Fun fact: I started running exactly for the […]

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From the couch to a 5K

5K training plan

First of all: I’m glad that you’re doing it. Wow. You decided to achieve your first goal as a runner. You signed up for your first 5K race, or you just want to reach your first distance goal. Goals are always great to make you stick to your running training. First off, you may be […]

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Grocery List Essentials

runners diet

I have been asked so many times how my runners diet looks like. If I have a special nutrition plan and on what a runners nutrition is based on. Since a healthy way of living is part of my routine I wouldn’t say that I’m following a strict diet. If you spent some time with […]

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5 Reasons Why I Run

Reasons for running

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “Why do you run so much – What are your reasons for running?” I’m giving a quick answer like, “I just need to do it for my inner peace.” Most likely that confuses everybody even more and might confirm their suspicion that somebody who runs so […]

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Key Supplements For Runners

Supplements for runners

Supplements for runners is a very specific topic, for a lot of newbies entering a nutrition store without proper research can lead to wasting a lot of money. You could spend huge amounts of money on supplements and vitamins for runners but at the end of the day you really don’t need them all. This […]

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Running Motivation for 2018

running motivation

With the new year, there are a lot of resolutions going on and a lot of goals we want to accomplish. A lot of you guys have issues staying committed with running and are looking for running motivation for the year ahead of us.  There are a few tricks how to keep up with your […]

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Training for a half marathon

NYC Half Marathon Review

I love long distance running which is why the half marathon distance is my favorite. Training for a half marathon requires not as much time as you would need it for a full marathon but it is still challenging. Half marathon training means for me to run more than 35 miles per week. Sometimes a […]

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Happy Holidays Workout

Holiday workout

With the holidays approaching I want to share my first video with you guys which was filmed while I was in Austria for Runtastic last month. It’s a great workout you can do at home, at your grandmas house, or at the gym. My friend and fitness coach Lunden Souza has created this workout for […]

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Stay motivated – Motivation tips for runners

motivation tips for runners

Motivation is the key to success which is why I want to share my motivation tips for runners with you today. What should be done if we are facing a lack of motivation? First, let’s be clear that losing motivation is absolutely normal and happens all the time. With these simple motivation tips for runners you’ll […]

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