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It is the activity of moving fast on foot, especially as a sport.”  That’s what you’ll find in the dictionary when you look for the word running. For me running is so much more. Running is so powerful. It’s part of my life as a marathoner, creator and running coach in New York City. 

I always thought that in order to be a runner you had to be born a runner – I used to run extremely slow and I hated exercising in general. Today I embrace running. As part of the adidas runners in New York City I’m part of a strong community to motivate other runners to become the best version of themselves. I’m chasing my dreams and goals in the city that never sleeps while supporting and helping other runners.

Sabrina Wieser – Runningbrina

Moving to New York a couple of years ago has motivated me to run so much more. The city skyline, the beautiful Central Park, and the waterfronts. NYC Running is so amazing: New York is a perfect place to run. Running in New York city is a culture.
With tons of different running crews it’s probably the most amazing running community in the world. 



I’m a 3 times marathoner and ran a lot of Half Marathons here in New York. I ran the Staten Island Half, the Brooklyn Half, the NYC Half Marathon and so many other mayor races here in the city. I traveled to Atlanta to run the Peachtree Road Race in 2018 and my biggest accomplishment was running the NYC Marathon in 2017, which was my first marathon. Running and racing in New York is just out of this world. The community is supportive and the races are challenging. 


Brooklyn Half Race Strategy

People run for so many different reasons. I run because it makes me feel healthy, energized, and happy. Running has shown me that I can do so much more than I ever thought possible. I want to share that experience and emotions that come along with it.

I run because I enjoy it which is why I stay motivated and continue to get faster and better- it’s something I love so much. We all need things in our lives that we enjoy and make us feel good. What makes me different to most other runners is that I lift at the same time. I’m the strong weight lifting runner without the typical body of a marathoner. The combination of both sports at the same time is rare and hard to put into reality for most athletes. 

I want to thank you for reading my blog and I hope we can share the love for running together from now on.

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