My NYC Marathon Tips and Tricks

NYC Marathon tips and tricks

Are you running the NYC Marathon? Congrats! The NYC Marathon is one of the greatest marathons in the world and it’s a remarkable experience you will probably never forget. 

When the city that never sleeps gets ready for the marathon make sure you know all the NYC Marathon tips and tricks, so that you are going to have the best experience before, during and after the race.

My personal NYC Marathon tips and tricks

The NYC Marathon Expo

The race expo opens on 11/01 at 10:00 AM at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Halls 3B and 3E, at 11th Avenue at West 35th Street. Locals will make sure to get there early to pick up their bibs and buy things they probably don’t even need because the closer we’re getting to race day, the more crowded it will get.

If you’re traveling to New York, follow my NYC Marathon tips and tricks and get the expo off your list at first. Especially the day before the race you want to make sure to stay off your feet. Here you can find all information about the NYC Marathon hours, the NYC Marathon expo vendors and much more. 

Sightseeing in NYC 

I know, New York City is super exciting but do yourself a favor and save the sightseeing for after the race. One of my NYC Marathon tips and tricks is to get enough rest beforehand. Stay off your feet as much as possible and enjoy your hotel to the fullest. 

For the locals I recommend enough rest and a stress free week leading to the race. Get good sleep days before the race—the night before the start isn’t as crucial as the nights leading up to it. We all want to be well rested on race day to run our best marathon possible. 

NYC Marathon bus vs ferry

The NYC Marathon offers transportation to the start in Staten Island. Every year runners are debating if the should take the bus (From Manhattan or New Jersey) or the ferry (Downtown Manhattan). Friends of mine experienced both options and were fine either way. It depends on where you’re located and if you’re okay being on a crowded ferry and lines before getting to the start.

From the ferry terminal in Staten Island there will be busses taking you to the start which is a few minutes driving away. Folks coming from New Jersey I can recommend taking the car or UBER. I have done that last year and I got dropped off right at the start village which was amazing. Just note that the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge will close to all traffic at 6:45 a.m.

Whatever NYC start transportation you choose, the race organizer will make sure to get you to the start village on time – all three options are ideal. 

The NYC Marathon start village

The NYC Marathon start village at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island is impressive from it’s size but also cold. Remember it’s November in NYC so it can be freezing in the morning. One of my NYC Marathon tips and tricks is to bring layers of clothes to keep you warm. You will be waiting outside for hours so even a blanket will be necessary. 

There will be coffee and water for the runners, but I recommend bringing your own breakfast which is absolutely allowed. Read the NYC Marathon start village map just in case you’re meeting up with friends or want to be at a certain location. There’s plenty of time at the start village (wave one starts at 09:50 AM), which can be nerve wrecking.

Bring a book, an extra phone charger case, meditate, meet other runners and get ready for the big race. Getting ready also means warming up properly. You don’t want to start out on the Verrazano Bridge all rusty. Do some static stretches, jogg around and get ready to run 26.2 miles. 

NYC Marathon Route

The NYC Marathon is a challenging course and one of a kind. While tackling some bridges and hills you will be surrounded by a wall of sound. Here is a NYC Marathon route map for you. One of my NYC Marathon tips and tricks is to really know about the NYC Marathon course, so that you’re able to pace yourself correctly. Write down the miles when you will hit an incline to know when during the race you will have to fuel yourself for example. 

I have written a great course strategy that explains almost every step of the race. Make sure to check it out

Set realistic goals

They say the NYC Marathon is not a course for a personal best because of it’s elevation. Races like Berlin or Chicago which are pretty much flat as a pancake are more races to go out for a PR.

Since we’re talking about NYC Marathon tips and tricks, I think it’s important to point out that you’re setting the goals here. As long as you stay realistic about it, there’s nothing to worry about. Trust your months of training and you will be just fine. To me personally it’s better sometimes to surprise yourself with a great results instead of aiming to high and getting disappointed. 

Nothing new on race day

This is an old one, but still super important. I see it all the time that runners tend to try out new stuff on race day. Why? You have trained in specific shoes, socks, shorts, you have fueled with a certain brand during your long runs.

Don’t risk any inconveniences during the race due to new socks, a not well fitted shirt or a gel that your stomach doesn’t know. Nothing new on race day. Ever. Promise?

If you have any other tips and tricks for the NYC Marathon please leave them in the comments. Enjoy your NYC Marathon this year.

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