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runners diet
I have been asked so many times how my runners diet looks like. If I have a special nutrition plan and on what a runners nutrition is based on. Since a healthy way of living is part of my routine I wouldn't say that I'm following a strict diet. If you spent some time with me you might see some adjustments I have made in [...]
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Alcohol and Running. Do they mix?

Alcohol and Running
How alcohol affects your running performance. It's pretty obvious that alcohol and running don't get along quite well. I'm not a huge drinker but I enjoy a glass of wine (or two) once in a while. You won't find me in clubs drinking excessive though. For me personally the balance is key here because I don't think you should give up on alcohol completely. Alcohol [...]
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Probiotics for runners?

probiotics for runners
I'm not making a secret of how probiotics have helped me the past months to become more healthier and perform much better in my training. I'm faster, stronger and I don't have to deal with digestive problems anymore. So to respond to the question if you need probiotics my answer is always yes. It is just important to find the right ones. Probiotics for runners. [...]
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Vegan Runner Meal Plan by runningvegannyc

I get a lot of questions about a vegan runners diet and what to eat as a vegan runner that I had to ask somebody who really knows how to fuel for running as a vegan: Anna is a New York City-based health and fitness blogger. She grew up in Tokyo and currently resides in Brooklyn. She first started running in college as a way to lose [...]
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Energy Boost Before Your Workout

No matter if you're a runner or a bodybuilder, yoga lover or a cyclist. We are all facing the same problems once in a while when we feel tired too much of the time. We would like to have more energy. No surprise there. With information overload, economic concerns, and the generally accelerating pace of life, many of us feel that our tanks are often low. Boost [...]
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