Macronutrients for runners

macronutrients for runners
You might know your macros and I'm sure you have heard the word before. If so, you know how much carbs you are going to eat before your run and how much protein will follow after your workout, right? Awesome. But what about macronutrients for runners? Macronutrients for runners: Boost your running performance Macros are definitely important but don't get too focused on them. There is [...]
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Collagen Supplement Benefits For Runners

For those of you who follow my blog for a while already, you might know how obsessed I am with collagen protein and love to take advantage of the collagen supplement benefits. For some reason, I'm not the person who likes to have it in my shake but I do love it in my overnight oats for example. Whether you're an athlete, trying to get better [...]
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Want to Manage Your Sweet Tooth? Try Sweet Defeat!

Sweet Defeat
Are you a lover of sweets and treats? Yep...same here. You are definitely not alone in that respect. I’m a notorious sweet tooth. In fact, even as an athlete, I struggle with sugar cravings just as much as the average person.  There are many different techniques that I have tried over the years to fight the cravings but to no avail. Recently though, I discovered [...]
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Are You Getting the Nutrients You Need?

If you are eating a whole-food diet and running regularly for exercise, you’re well on your way to leading a healthy lifestyle. The thing is, many of us don’t realize how easy it is to develop deficiencies in certain nutrients. Not getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals can lead to a variety of health issues, from poor night vision to brittle nails and [...]
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Why Runners Should Take Magnesium

Magnesium for runners
Back again with another must-have nutritional supplement for runners! This time we will focus on magnesium as we explore its many benefits and why you should include it in your nutritional arsenal. First of all, you may have heard that you can use magnesium supplements to help you sleep. But did you know that you can also support your brainpower, as well as your exercise [...]
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Vitamins and Nutrients for Runners

Nutrition for runners
The market is full of vitamins for runners that are supposed to help us stay healthy and injury-free. When I first started to pay more attention to nutrients as an athlete, this topic was a little overwhelming for me. So, don’t fret at all. If you are stressed about the topic or are wondering what the essential vitamins for runners are, look no further than [...]
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Sunbutter Pumpkin Banana Bread

If you love SunButter, pumpkin, and banana, this bread is the best for you to try at home. I love baking it on a Friday so I'm having enough for the weekend as a treat after a long run, or race. The comforting spices come through, the taste of SunButter is amazing and the nuts add texture and crunch. Baked until it's moist, but not [...]
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Runners, This is Why You Should Take Prebiotics

Probiotics for runners
I have talked about the many reasons why runners should take probiotics before, but I largely focused on the pro-biotics and not the pre-biotics side of the subject. In this article, we will explore why prebiotics completes the overall equation for a healthy gut. Running and gut health is just as important as a great pair of running shoes.  The difference between probiotics and prebiotics [...]
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3 Reasons Why Prebiotics & Probiotics Are Great for Runners

It would be an understatement to say that supplementation is important for healthy runners. All of us can gain an edge by stacking supplements and spending time measuring their many benefits. But what about pre/probiotics? I know I’m preaching to the choir when I praise pre/probiotics and their benefits for everyday gastrointestinal function and health. But apart from their general benefits, did you know that combining [...]
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Energy Brownies for runners

Sunbutter Brownies
SunButter, also known as sunflower seed butter, is a healthier alternative to traditional peanut butter. It’s also a great option for anyone that suffers from a tree nut allergy but still wants to enjoy the taste and health benefits of peanut butter. Let’s go over some of the best health benefits of SunButter and a delicious recipe for SunButter brownies. More Vitamins and Minerals The [...]
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