Stay motivated – Motivation tips for runners

motivation tips for runners

Motivation is the key to success which is why I want to share my motivation tips for runners with you today. What should be done if we are facing a lack of motivation? First, let’s be clear that losing motivation is absolutely normal and happens all the time. With these simple motivation tips for runners you’ll be back on track faster and you will be able to maintain your daily motivation easily.

Motivation tips for runners: Make good habits

To get yourself going everyday I find the Runtastic Step Counter App “Runtastic Steps” super helpful. It gives you a good feeling of how much you are actually moving throughout the day. I love to share it with my friends, we have little competitions and the steps app keeps us going every day. Also the app offers walking weight loss plans to motivate you even more. You will push your limits and go a little bit further day by day, week by week until you have reached your very individual goal. 


It is much easier to stay motivated if you have a concrete plan for your workouts and your diet. A training plan will help you to build a routine, so working out and eating right becomes part of your life. Make sure you set goals within that plan to avoid disappointments. 


The right music before your workout will set the right mood for you to sweat and work hard. For example, while running people listen to fast music to run a faster pace. Music is a powerful force that gives you that extra push to get yourself moving. 


Take advantage of the benefits of working out with a friend, or in a group. When the little voice in your head starts telling you to skip the next workout, your accountable, because somebody else relays on you to hit the gym, or run the 6 miles with you. You push each other mentally through the workout and support each other just by being present. Here is why running in a group is so much fun.


I totally agree that most of us spend way too much time on social media. But I realized that it is motivational to have your very own “Instagram crush”. A person that you look up to. Who’s workout videos, pictures, and quotes give you insight on how to improve yourself and inspires you. Do you follow me on Instagram already?


Working out is hard sometimes, we all know it. That’s why it’s really important to treat yourself when you finished your next 4 weeks of eating healthy and working out regularly. Go to a spa, do some yoga, enjoy a manicure or just buy the nice jeans, or shoes you always wanted. Never forget, that you’re doing this for you. So it’s super important to pamper yourself after accomplishing goals you reached through your hard work.