Race recap: Mini 10K NYC

Mini 10K NYC

Last Saturday 8,400 women met at Columbus Circle in New York City to run the Mini 10K NYC. It was my first time running this race and I was super excited about running along all the women to celebrate women’s running in the world.

Mini 10K NYC: Who run the world?

It was the 46th year of running the Mini 10K NYC since this race began in 1972 as the “Crazylegs Mini Marathon”. Saturday’s race kicked off with a celebration of those runners who ran this race 15 times or more. Women travel to this race from all over the world. Olympian athletes such as Mary Keitany joined us and finished with an impressive time of 31:20. This race is a big deal in women’s running in the world and I was a part of it – how exciting, right?

Why you should run the Mini 10K NYC

I think every women living in the NYC area should come and run this race. First: it’s so much fun and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the past, future and of course the present of women’s running. I enjoyed every step of the 6 miles course. It’s hilly since you’re running in Central Park 90% of the race but it felt amazing to run along so many other women of all fitness levels. We supported each other along the way and helped us when we needed that extra push within the race. So amazing.

Feel the love about running at the Mini 10K NYC

Another thing I loved about the Mini 10K NYC was the fact that there were so many cute signs of the hubbies, boyfriends and fathers like “Go Mommie Go”, or “Look Babe I made a poster for you” that I had to smile anytime I saw one. I also saw husbands running along their queens to pace them. So sweet. You guys rocked, too!

Running is such a great sport. We are a huge community and the Mini 10K NYC gave back a lot of the love running is about. I will definitely run this race next year again. Here are a few pictures from the Mini 10K NYC:
Mini 10K NYC Mini 10K NYC Mini 10K NYC Mini 10K NYC Mini 10K NYC