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Mother's Day Special: Meet Quitatheroadrunner

I’m very sad to let you guys know that Marquita passed away on Thursday, December 6, 2018. Quita was a valued member of the running community in New York City and across the world, a wife and mother, a teacher, a friend to so many of us. She will always be remembered and missed so much. Please follow the link to make a contribution to her family’s fund here.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to celebrate the running mom’s out there. Being a mother but also a runner can be challenging. With a crazy schedule, it’s easy to let a little thing, like exercise, slip through the cracks. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. All you have to do is finding the right balance between your dedication for running and your family.

Quita knows how to be a great mother and an inspiring athlete at the same time. Let me tell you, she understands the struggles that mothers face when trying to squeeze exercise into an otherwise busy day. Quita and I met a few weeks ago during a video shoot for Vi Headphones. I’m so happy that today she will share her personal story about how to balance running, her job and family with a smile.

Q&A with Marquita Francique

#1 What made you start running?

I ran in high school and college and then I took a long break. I started really running again in my early 30’s when my husband introduced me to WRU crew. I ran to stay in shape, for fun, as therapy and to meet new people.

#2 How is it like to be a Mommy, but also a runner?

I love being a mommy and a runner. Running keeps me sane, keeps me active and keeps me social. Being a mommy doesn’t make me different from any runner. Yes, I probably have more on my plate with two children but I still get out there and get it done.

#3 Did you run while you were pregnant?

I ran during both my pregnancies. I couldn’t run in the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy because of doctors orders and that was really hard for me. The one thing I would say to pregnant runners is to listen to your bodies. As much as your mind may tell you to go out and do 5 miles, if your body is telling you to stop after 1 mile stop. Remember it’s not only about you anymore. You are now carrying precious cargo. 🙂

#4 Do you have a running routine that works for every running Mom?

If I want to go for a solo run, I have the help of my husband. He will stay with the little ones while I run. When I’m off from work I like to get my runs done in the morning while the kids and hubby are asleep. If I have to work, I run in the evening, after I cook dinner. When I’m home alone, I get my running stroller out and hit the pavement.

#5 What is your Number 1 tip both new moms & new runners will appreciate?

As a new runner and a new mom, just listen to body. As much as you want to go out there and get a million miles or want to be the faster person out there, do what feels good for you. All that matters is you got off the couch and got that run in. Also, remember, we are all so much stronger when we know and always believe in yourself.

Thanks Quita for your open words and Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the other running Mom’s who are reading this. Check our Quita’s Instagram Account for more running inspiration.