Half Marathon Training Tips

Half Marathon Training Tips

Half Marathon training tips are super important especially when you are planning on running your first Half Marathon and you are looking for Half Marathon training tips for beginners. But even when you have ran the 13.1 miles race several times before Half Marathon training tips never get old. Here are some great advise for your Half Marathon training and tips on how to run your best 13.1 miles ever: 

How much time do I need to train for a Half Marathon? 

If you can run 3 miles without any problems you may give yourself at least 12 weeks to train for a the 13.1 miles distance. If you cannot make it up to 3 miles I recommend to start with a plan like “from the couch to a 5K” like this one and then add the 12 weeks on top of that. 

Do I need a Half Marathon training plan?

This is totally up to you and also depends on your experience. If you are a beginner: Yes! You need some guidance within your training and also some commitment to stay motivated. Very experience runners know exactly how to train for a Half Marathon and just go with their guts. I totally love training plans because I like to follow a guided plan. Even if I made it myself, it helps me to stick to my routine. Here is where to find online training plans for your Half Marathon.

Half Marathon Training and Diet 

When it comes to Half Marathon training your nutrition becomes really important. You will spend a lot of time on the road and tackle your miles. One of my Half Marathon training tips here is to make sure that your body has enough fuel to work at it’s best. Carbohydrates are very important and should be part of your Half Marathon nutrition especially before your long runs. Carb load at least 2 days before the long run of the week and hydrate a lot. Drink a lot of water and try to stay away from alcohol during your training season. 

Why are carbs so important? Carbohydrates can help your body store extra glycogen which you can draw on for quick fuel during the run. Right before the long run a bagel with peanut butter, oatmeal or bananas are great food choices. Another one of my Half Marathon training tips: Give your body approximately one hour to digest the food. 

Here is a list of food that should be on your list while training for the 13.1 miles. Also, supplements play a huge role for runners when it comes to recovery, performance and weight loss. Here are all the supplements for runners that I highly recommend. 

Half Marathon training tips: Give your body time

Rome wasn’t built in one day and no olympic athlete did become so successful over night. Especially the beginning of your training can be hard. You will start missing the extra time you had before you started training for the Half Marathon, but there is one thing that is is for sure: You and your body will get used to it. You set yourself a goal. You have 12 weeks or longer to accomplish it. Take all the time you may need to become the best version of yourself within that time. 

Strength training and running

I have had a lot of clients who didn’t listen to my advice to implement proper strength training to their running training routine. One of my most important Half Marathon training tips therefore is to do the squats, walking lunges and work on your core. You definitely will take advantage from it as a runner and of course during your Half Marathon.

As you may know I’m doing both running and bodybuilding and I don’t regret a single repetition at the gym. Your Half Marathon distance includes hills? Great – your legs will only get stronger during your gym workouts and you will benefit during the race. 

Know what you’re dealing with

If you’re running a Half Marathon in your area, try to train the course. Here in New York City for example it is pretty great to run certain parts of the Half Marathon I’m running. For the NYC Half 2018 it totally makes sense to run the Manhattan Bridge and practice the hilly Central Park.

One reason why full awareness about the race course is beneficial is because you are getting ready for the real course. You can practice different parts like the hills and also picture yourself crossing the finish line once you know where exactly it’s going to be. Another reason is confidence. Your mind plays a huge role in your running training which is why good confidence about the course and what’s ahead of you on race day is key. 

Get company and socialize 

Long runs can be boring. So why not joining a running group or ask a friend to join you during your Half Marathon training? Staying committed can be a challenge itself when you’re busy with work, family, household and life. One of my most important Half Marathon training tips when it comes to staying motivated is to find company and get yourself out there together. Socializing during your training will help you to get it done way easier than doing it by yourself. 

I hope that my Half Marathon Training Tips could help you a little bit to sort things out what is important during your training. Last but not least I want to emphasize to always enjoy the journey and trust your training. You will get tired, annoyed, insecure. It won’t always be easy. The good thing in running is that no matter how slow you go, you will finish and that is what matters.

Good luck on your Half Marathon – leave me a comment how it went.