How this food tracking app helps you to lose weight

food tracking app

It’s super easy to learn to love your scale. Most of us do not really know how many calories we should eat and how many calories our meals include. A good way to get a feeling of our calorie intake is to simply track our food. Just track everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and all your snacks and learn how to traget your weight with a food diary.

My tip for a great food tracking app

I’ve been using Runtastic Balance for a while now and it is pretty simple to use. Tracking your food can be annoying if you want to be accurate so this was a plus for me. Runtastic Balance includes everything from food measurements like grams, milliliters, tablespoons, etc. Prepping your food at home gives you a good feeling for serving sizes of your food. This makes it super easy for you to estimate the food you are eating later without reaching for the scale again.

Of course, when you are eating out and you have to estimate the serving sizes it helps a lot if you prepared your food at home before and are aware of how a cup of rice, or 6 oz of chicken breast may look so that you can be as accurate as you can with your food tracking app even when your not eating at home.

Lose weight with your food tracking app

After spending some time with your food tracking app you will realize how good or bad your food is for you that you are eating every day. You may recognize too much carbs or less protein and now you will be able to adjust the serving sizes to your specific needs. Make sure not to forget a single meal on your food tracking app and don’t lie to yourself.

Every single almond counts, also everything you are drinking. The habit of entering everything you are eating in the app will follow automatically. Stick to it. It will lead to awareness of healthy eating and great results on your scale eventually. You can download Runtastic Balance here. Let me know how you like it.


  1. Hi Sabrina, I love your blog and especially your posts about nutrition. After I read this post I started tracking my food, too. However I don’t use Runtastic Balance but found another appwhich is called YAZIO ( You’re so right in saying that not only eating is important but also drinking. I had to realize how many calories I was consuming simply by drinking lemonades. After I changed that and replaced all the lemonades with water I finally managed to lose weight now. So I really want to say thank you for your great blog and all the helpful posts!

  2. I like how you said that using a wellness will lead to awareness of healthy eating and great results on your scale eventually. I just downloaded an app to help me lose weight. Thanks for the tips on food tracking apps.

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