Strength training for runners

10 Strength training exercises for runners

I recently asked you guys on my Instagram about topics I should cover. The question I got asked the most was: “How about strength training for runners, Sabrina? – How do you do both?” This is a great topic since I have been doing both long-distance running and strength training for runners for the last 7 years. This is where my expertise is and what I keep practicing with my clients:

The best yoga poses for runners

Yoga for Runners

Let’s finally dive into one of my favorite topics: Yoga for Runners! My wonderful friend Sharon (@pineapple.yogi) who is also an excellent Yoga instructor in New York City is sharing the best Yoga Routine for runners with us today. While a simple yoga routine for runners loosens tight spots in our bodies it also strengthens weak […]

running-and-weightlifting plans

How to balance running and weightlifting

Finding a perfect balance between running and weightlifting is hard. Often it confuses runners because they assume both sports don’t work together. But how can you work on your endurance and speed and build lean muscle mass at the same time without being sore all day and not getting injured?

ab workout routine

The best core workout for runners

Set your core on fireWhat’s the best core workout for runners? Most runners have the privilege to have a strong core through running already. The way your body is moving while running is training your entire core. Strength training and core workouts go hand in hand with running. While experts may disagree on exactly which muscles […]

sunbeam for pain management

Pain Management for Runners with Sunbeam

Back and joint pain is a common reality for runners. Trust me, one day you can feel on top of the world, with bulletproof joints, and then a slight tweak can throw a wrench in your training. For something as physically stressful on the muscles as running, I like to target the pain with Sunbeam heating pads and wraps.

p.volve workouts

P.volve workouts for runners

A few weeks ago I joined my first P.volve class in Manhattan and I’m excited to share that this week there will be my first event leading up to the Brooklyn Half Marathon with them at the P.volve studio.  Join me on 05/09 for a P.volve workout designed specifically by celebrity trainer and P.volve founder, Stephen […]

Pilates Benefits for runners

Pilates benefits for runners

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Club Pilates. I’ve been looking for the perfect balance to running and weight lifting for a while now. When Club Pilates reached out to me and invited me over to their studio in Tribeca I was really unsure if I will like Pilates. I was wondering […]

Running Coach NYC

The best leg workout for runners

It was a hot summer day when I met the Runtastic crew for an amazing collaboration in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Personally I use the Runtastic apps a lot, so I was super excited to record this fantastic video with Lunden Souza and her team. Leg workout for runners These 7 exercises are the key to strong […]

burn fat while running

How to burn fat while running

I’ve been asked frequently how to burn fat while running and what’s the best way of losing weight while running. First of all everybody is different and every body works different so there is no bible on how to burn fat while running that works for everyone. Fun fact: I started running exactly for the […]

Quad Exercise For Runners

My favorite Quad Exercise for runners

Let me highlight the most effective quad exercise for runners. As most of you may know I do both bodybuilding and running and couldn’t be happier how both sports benefit from each other so much. Why is strengthen your quadriceps so important? Our quads are the primary movers in the running motion. Developing these muscles […]