How hard we actually work


Last week I was talking about my reasons for running and how much hard work I put in to crush my goals. We all know that running is good for our health and makes us feel good about ourselves. But do you know the numbers? I’ve pointed out some fun statistic about running which show how […]

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Make This Your Best Year Ever

The New Year stands before us like a fresh chapter in a book. What will you write for the next chapter of your life? It’s entirely up to you. I decided to make 2017 my best year ever. Not only because 2016 was a rough year but also because I have big goals on my list. […]

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My Story

Sabrina Wieser

Welcome to my running blog. I’m Sabrina and I’m a runner and just like you I also have my very own special story. Running and fitness has become a very important part of my life. About 4 years ago I started running on the treadmill (yes, I know – it’s like swimming without water) in my hometown in […]

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