How running becomes easier

Running Coach NYC
You are new to running and feel like that this is really hard? Today we'll learn on how running becomes easier. Well, let's be real, running isn't known for being easy. Even the pro athletes who run day and night agree that sometimes it can be really hard for them as well. From my own experience I can tell you, that the more you run, the [...]
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Get Inspired: Eric from DirtyOldSneakers

One great thing about running is definitely the community that comes with it and the super interesting people you meet and spend time with just because you have the same passion for running. New York City is the best city to literally run into the most inspiring athletes. Just one run in Central Park will boost your motivation like crazy. One of them is Eric [...]
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How hard we actually work

Last week I was talking about my reasons for running and how much hard work I put in to crush my goals. We all know that running is good for our health and makes us feel good about ourselves. But do you know the numbers? I've pointed out some fun statistic about running which show how hard we actually work. TWENTY Number of weeks it takes [...]
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