7 easy to follow Running Training Tips and Tricks

Running training tips

Run your best with my running training tips and tricks. Based on my experiences I would like to share my top 7 running training tips that will keep you running strong and healthy. Running requires a lot more than just an pair of running shoes and an open road. Here is what you need to […]

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5 benefits of running with a group

running with a group

This morning I had my very first running event in New York City. With a group of 30 runners we met at Central Park for a 5 mile loop through the hilly course of the city’s most beautiful park. Runners from all fitness levels showed up. Absolute beginners, marathoners and the casual Sunday joggers. People […]

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My Bad Workout Advice

Bad Workout Advice

Let’s keep it real. It happens to all of us. Experiencing a bad workout / run is frustrating and sometimes irritating because most of the times it happens out of the blue. Of course it has happened to me before and I’m not going to lie: It’s super annoying. But why do bad workouts happen […]

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7 Ways I Turned Into An Athlete

Looking back to my progress in running and weight lifting the past years I consider myself as an athlete today. First of all: there is not one person who can tell you if you are or are not an athlete. Athletes come in every shape and size and only you can control how you view […]

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Real Talk: Running benefits

Running benefits

The benefits of running are pretty amazing. You’ve never been a huge fan of running? You should read this article and face the truth: Running is a all-rounder for your good health. These running benefits are about to change your mind. Lace up your running shoes and stalk taking advantage of the benefits running brings […]

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Runners Life: Meet Marnie from Runstreet


Last week I was invited to the adidas x Parley Run For The Oceans event in New York City. It was a big party with music, a fast 5K run, food, drinks but most importantly with a lot of inspiring athletes from all over the world. A friend of mine introduced me to Marnie Kunz who […]

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How to become a morning person


I get regularly asked about my morning routine and how I make time to work full time, prep my food, run my blog, coach clients and get my own workouts in. Well, it’s all about excellent planning, scheduling and dedication. I’m a real morning person. Working out in the morning prepares me for the day. […]

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Mom on the move

I’m very sad to let you guys know that Marquita passed away on Thursday, December 6, 2018. Quita was a valued member of the running community in New York City and across the world, a wife and mother, a teacher, a friend to so many of us. She will always be remembered and missed so […]

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How running becomes easier

Running Coach NYC

You are new to running and feel like that this is really hard? Today we’ll learn on how running becomes easier. Well, let’s be real, running isn’t known for being easy. Even the pro athletes who run day and night agree that sometimes it can be really hard for them as well. From my own experience […]

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Get Inspired: Eric from DirtyOldSneakers

One great thing about running is definitely the community that comes with it and the super interesting people you meet and spend time with just because you have the same passion for running. New York City is the best city to literally run into the most inspiring athletes. Just one run in Central Park will […]

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