mental strength in running

Mental strength in running

“It all starts in your mind” – We all heard this phrase before. But have you ever thought about how much your mind really affects your running performance? Marathoners know the mental strength in running. There is no such thing than a great mindset. Heading to a race with all positive thoughts means you’re half […]


Did not finish

Training for a race is your journey to the start. This starting line is something you’ve been waiting for. A goal that you’ve been wanting to accomplish. You hear the gunshot and you’re off to your race. Not all races are meant to be finished though. The more you’re racing the higher the possibility of […]

stay fit on vacation

Fit on vacation

You want to stay fit on vacation? Don’t let your upcoming trip screw your diet and training goals. It is absolutely possible to go on vacation, enjoy yourself and stick to your diet as much as you can.  If you’re usually going on vacation to completely lose it and you don’t care about your diet […]

running quotes

Inspirational running quotes

Running quotes that make you want to run right nowSometimes we all need a motivation boost before our runs, right? Before my long runs on the weekend I need them the most. Waking up early to have the road for yourself and run your 13 ++ miles needs that extra push some days. I rounded up the […]

Running training tips

7 easy to follow Running Training Tips and Tricks

Run your best with my running training tips and tricks. Based on my experiences I would like to share my top 7 running training tips that will keep you running strong and healthy. Running requires a lot more than just an pair of running shoes and an open road. Here is what you need to […]

Running benefits

Real Talk: Running benefits

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Running TodayThe benefits of running are pretty amazing. You’ve never been a huge fan of running? You should read this article and face the truth: Running is an all-rounder for your good health. These running benefits are about to change your mind. Lace-up your running shoes and stalk taking […]