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One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “Why do you run so much - What are your reasons for running?” I’m giving a quick answer like, “I just need to do it for my inner peace.” Most likely that confuses everybody even more and might confirm their suspicion that somebody who runs so much as I do must be crazy.

I feel like people want me to elaborate on exactly what reason I have why I run. So I started thinking about it: What are my very individual reasons for running?

My reasons for running: Real talk

There are times when the reasons for running are hard to explain. For example when I'm having a hard time getting out of bed on the weekends to run my long run, or when I'm super tired already, but I know I have to finish this exact workout right now because I won't have time later on. My schedule is super tight and super timed out also.

My running days right now are also my workout days at the gym which means I have to push myself through two workouts. One in the morning which is most likely the run and another one at night at the gym where I focus on weight training obviously. Most people I know find that crazy. Some others feel inspired or motivated.

So why do I do this? What are my reasons for running? I'm pretty sure you'll find yourself in some of my reasons why I run.

1. Running makes me feel empowered and resilient

Have you ever heard of the runner's high? There is no greater sense of satisfaction than what you get from setting a personal goal and conquering it. I feel so strong and satisfied both immediately after a run and in the long term—from the confidence that crossing finish lines or just finishing your hard workout gives you that carries over into your daily life.

Reasons for running in my life are definitely the feeling of having the strength to not let anything get me down. I am able to take these feelings in my daily life and also with me to the next workout. Especially after running the NYC Marathon for the first time in 2017, I feel like nothing in the world can intimidate me anymore.

2. Goodbye world

Feeling disconnected nowadays is a blessing. Being outside with my music and thoughts means the world to me. I could be super angry about something start my run and feel relieved and less stressed after the workout. The only time I have my phone in my hand while I'm running is to take a picture, that's it. I also shared my experience on how running relieves stress for me before. You should check that out as well.

3. Let's race

My closer friends and family know my inner beast. I'm such a motivated and competitive person. You won't see me doing anything half ways. I'm either 100% or nothing. Racing is part of my running life. It gives me some kind of satisfaction. Honestly, it's not about finishing first place. It's about the training before and my way to the finish line. Training for a race means work. I'm not slacking. Never.

4. Running makes me experience the nature

Have you ever thought about, how much time we actually spend inside? Running makes me go outside. I feel the wind, and the cold, I run in the heat (even though I don't like it), I feel the rain on my skin and watch the most beautiful sunrises in the morning. Would I experience all of this when I wasn't running? No! I take that as a blessing since I spend most of my day inside the office, at home, on the train, at the gym, or at the grocery store.

5. Running brings me community and awareness

Runners are super cool people. This is also why I love to race by the way. Runners help each other and support you. I'll never forget that girl in Central Park at a 5 miles race who pushed me through the finish. I was running my personal best and I guess she saw the pain in my face. All she did was smile at me as she came closer.

Basically helping me not to slow down and keep up with her fast pace. Running has connected me with so many other runners, both in-person through running groups and online. It has made me aware of the many charities that people run for, the causes that are close to their hearts and drive them towards pushing through mile after mile when it gets tough.
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