Are Personalized Daily Vitamins worth it?

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Have you ever been to a drugstore to buy vitamins and become overwhelmed by all the different products? They come in so many different colors, shapes, and formulations that it’s impossible to decide which ones are right for you.

If you’re going to commit to taking vitamins every day, shouldn't they be the most tailored vitamins possible? That's why I started looking into companies that offer personalized vitamins to see if they would be a better option for me and I found made for_.

Why take personalized vitamins?

Vitamin personalization is when you are able to supplement your diet with a combination of supplements in the correct dosage based on your needs. made for_ personalizes your vitamins by starting with a quick quiz that you take on their website. They ask you thinks to figure out your lifestyle, diet and other health considerations and based on these results you get custom vitamin mix. It is important to understand that not every supplement works for everyone in the same way and we all have different needs. Not only does made for_ provide you with a quiz to understand your goals and to learn more about you but after your first month, you get a 1:1 consultation with your own registered dietician to help you along your journey.

Why made for_ is my go-to company

While I was doing my research on the best companies for customized supplements, I discovered made for_ who convinced me with great reviews, the opportunity to talk to one of their Nutrition Scientists to monitor my progress and update my vitamin mix based on my lifestyle each month. Also, the fact that many of their vitamins are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Vegan. On top of that, they are very transparent about what is inside of their vitamins. They perform (and publish) a chemical analysis for each vitamin, so you can see that there are no filler ingredients or toxic substances (which I also found out is very common in the supplement industry!) I'm taking Astaxanthin, Maca, Vitamin C, Magnesium and CLA. CLA gives me extra strength and endurance for my marathon training. It has been shown to promote an increase in lean mass and reduction of the fatty mass. Astaxanthin is great for my immune system and for energy in long distance running. Maca is known for its super herb qualities that give me increased energy levels and enhanced performance for my training. Vitamin C and Magnesium are important to maintaining strong bones and for peak performances throughout the season. I like that the vitamin C from made for_ is 100% vegan and free from additives. I realized that with made for_’s help, I will be better able to achieve my goals for this upcoming marathon season because the vitamins are literally "made for me".

Discount code for your first order

After taking my Made For supplements for a few weeks now I'm amazed at the difference in both my energy level and mood after just a few weeks on my custom vitamin packs. I can now be sure that the vitamins I take every day are giving me the personalized nutrition you need. In case you are now thinking about getting your unique Made For supplementation to your house, feel free to use my discount code to save money at the checkout. The code is good for $10 off their first purchase. Enter BLOGLOVE10 at the order summary. Please keep in mind that before you buy any vitamins consult your physician before taking them. Just like any medication, supplements and vitamins should always be taken after consulting with your physician. They have side effects as well, which you should always consider.
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