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Welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you are here. I know, we all have our own stories that make us who we are and why we are doing the things we are doing. So here is my story:

Growing up I wasn't athletic at all. I gave my very best not attending any gym classes in school. In my late 20's I discovered the love for running. Running and fitness have become a very important part of my life over the past 8 years. I actually started running on the treadmill (yes, I know - it's like swimming without water) in my hometown back in Germany, before I moved permanently to the United States. The reason why I started running was to lose weight. When I moved to New York City I ran more outside.

Running became part of my daily routine

I started running at the gym, on the track, in Central Park, the West Side Highway, always surrounded by so many inspiring runners in this amazing city full of aspiring athletes. At that point, I wasn't running to lose extra pounds anymore. Running had become a part of my daily routine. A few years later I founded my own business "Runningbrina" and started this blog.

Sharing my emotions, goals, and accomplishments with my audience motivated me even more. I eventually got involved in the amazing running community in the city. Running in New York is a culture that you have to experience yourself. It's like a big family with many different running groups and individuals from all over the world. Not even talking about the running events that are happening in the city almost every weekend.

From a 5K to the marathon distance

Living near the Hudson River made running just beautiful and peaceful for me as well. Running became an outlet for stress, anxiety but also time to reflect and be creative. Yes, most of my ideas for my blog or my job in Digital Marketing come up during my runs. I eventually started running races and worked my way up from a 5K to a full marathon.

To this day I ran over 20 half marathons and 5 full marathons. Right after my first half marathon in 2015 I was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. Supposedly, I was born with it. No one ever found out until a few years ago. This is when my strength training for runners came in. Establishing more stability and strength in my hips has helped me to keep running without discomfort. In 2017 I also became a certified long-distance coach.

Running as an outlet for stress and anxiety

Around Christmas time 2018 there was another shock that I had to cope with. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. This is something that is oftentimes out of my control because the pain comes and goes and since I'm not taking any medication for it.

Running can be uncomfortable at times. But I always kept running. Running is keeping me sane and has shown me over the years what I'm capable of. Running made me confident. So in case you are reading this and are wondering what running could bring to the table for you, let me tell you: It is a LOT. Many things you've never dreamed of and beyond.

Always setting new goals and chasing them has brought me so much joy. Running brought me to different places to run races and experience the running cultures in foreign countries. Today, I'm also grateful to be part of Adidas runners NYC where I met many of my very good friends. It's a holistic running community where every pace has a place.

You're more than welcome to join me if you are in NYC or visiting from out of town. But now, please enjoy the content that I create weekly for this website. It comes from years of experience as a running and coaching. Always email or message me, if you have any questions. xx Sabrina


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