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Hydration for runners is key. Especially now in the summer we have to drink even more. Water is essential for us and aids digestions and of course keeps our body temperature from rising to lethal levels during running. 55 to 65 percent of your weight accounts water. When we work out our muscles produce up to 100 times more heat than when you are on the couch doing nothing. So what happens is, that we start sweating during exercise.

Hydration for runners and why it is so important

Imagine a really hot day and you head outside for a run, you can lose more than 67 ounces of fluids per hour. This is where hydration for runners starts. If you don't replace the water you just lost, your running out of gas. But of course hydration for runners also means drinking enough water throughout the day not just while we are running.

I've also trained my body to not "waste time" at fluid stations during my races. Hydration for runners is not just extremely important for our health it does make the difference when it comes to competing and pacing also.

Do you drink enough?

It's common sense that we all have different needs when it comes to hydration depending on our fitness, gender, size and the climate we live in. For me 1 gallon of water or more works perfectly. On days where I work out twice I often drink almost 2 gallons of water. You want to find out how much water is the right amount for you? Monitor 5 simple markers:
  • Do you have to urinate less than 3 times during a regular day?
  • What color has your urine? Is it yellow?
  • Do you drink less than one water bottle during exercise?
  • Do you lose more than 2 pounds during your long runs?
  • Do you feel thirsty sometimes?
If the answer to most of these questions is YES, it's time for you to drink more water.

How I am able to drink so much

hydration for runners

I've heard so many times that people are struggling with drinking enough water because it taste like nothing. So they make wrong decisions and go for a soda or an ice tea. I've been telling them that you can flavor your water. That's what I do all the time as well. My favorite supplement / flavor is Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water which not only benefits when it comes to taste and hydration but also in terms of beauty. What is so special about the beauty water? It is comprised of:
  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Probiotics
These are all great ingredients we benefit from as a runner. In my previous articles about how collagen is good for you, you'll find more about it. It's basically hydration for runners from the inside out. I put one scoop into my water bottle once per day.

The Collagen Beauty Water will not only hydrate you properly it will also moisture your skin (hyaluronic acid). Thanks to the probiotics your gut will love the beauty water as well. That is basically my secret how I make myself drink more water even if I feel like I don't want to. The Beauty Water comes in three different flavors: Melon Mint (my favorite), Lavender Lemon and Cucumber Aloe. All of them are great and it will feel like a transport to a spa-like oasis for you.

Hydration for summer days

I am not the heat runner. Not at all. I could for miles in the snow, but when it's hot outside I'm not the same runner anymore. I found out that before I'm heading outside for a hot run slushy made with crushed ice with my Vitale Proteins Beauty Water does wonder. Colder drinks lower the body temperature and perceive effort which makes me run longer. After the run it's important to drink up to 24 ounces or more to hydrate. Proper hydration for runners is essential for great performance. Please share your hydration for runners tips in the comments.
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