Make This Your Best Year Ever

My New Years Resolutions for 2017

The New Year stands before us like a fresh chapter in a book. What will you write for the next chapter of your life? It’s entirely up to you. I decided to make 2017 my best year ever. Not only because 2016 was a rough year but also because I have big goals on my list. To me every runner, or athlete needs to have goals. Whether you’re looking to set a PR, gain confidence or shake up your running routine.

You’re still thinking about what to achieve next year? Maybe my goals for 2017 can motivate you a little bit so you will find you ultimate goals for the next year as well.

1. Run a Faster Half Marathon

After my blast at the NYC Half 2016 (01:50:52 ) I want to run even faster in 2017. My training for the NYC Half 2017 will start soon. I can’t wait to beat my last years time.

2. Run Your First Marathon

Oh YES. I’m doing it. I have more than respect for the NYC Marathon but by November 2017 I’ll be ready for the streets of New York City. Running the 5 boroughs will be a once in a lifetime experience and I will share every single step here on the blog – I promise!

3. Run Injury-Free

I’m planning on staying off the sidelines in 2017. Especially with that Marathon Training I’ll make sure to stay healthy and listen to my body. I tend to overtraining and asking for too much from myself, so this is something I really have to work on the next year.

4. Shut down

I’m such an emotional person and everything that bothers me, bothers me in training as well. One of my biggest weaknesses is to suffer in training because of private stress or issues. It’s definitively a mental thing and absolutely important to learn for me as a runner.

5. Run In A Team

I’m looking forward to join a running team in 2017. Right now nothing is confirmed yet but I’m pretty sure good news will follow very soon. I’ll keep you guys posted.

6. Run The World

2017 will be a travel year for me. I spent 2016 in New York City and Miami and thats about it. Next year I will run the world and see places I always wanted to go to. Number 1 on my bucket list is Costa Rica. We’ll see how it goes to run in the rainforest.

7. Try Something New

I’m actually such a baby when it comes to that. I love my regular running route, my gym and I haven’t really been into trying new things too much. But I already started in 2016 when I joined a class at Barry’s Bootcamp in New York City with my girls from the Love Squad and I’m planning on trying more new things in 2017 like Yoga, Pilates and Cross Fit.

Wow! 7 goals to accomplish. I actually have some more on my list, but I rather keep it realistic so that I’ll be able to achieve my 7 goals in 2017 with all my heart and energy. Since 7 is my lucky number I’m pretty confident that this will be my best year ever.

I’d love to know your goals for 2017 as well. Feel free to comment or send me an email – I’m more than happy to motivate and support you on your way to realize them.

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