5 common running mistakes beginners make

The biggest running mistakes ever

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Running mistakes: my favorite topic! When I think back at the time when I started running it reminds me of all the running mistakes I made as a running newbie. Running mistakes I should have known better if I would have done some research to avoid them. There is a lot you can do wrong when you first start running and the are a lot of running mistakes to avoid. What are the 5 most common running mistakes newbies make?

1. Too much too soon

In the beginning sometimes everything feels super easy. Your endurance builds up fast and you feel you’re ready for a longer run the next day. A very common running mistakes for beginners. This often leads to injuries, because your joints and muscles aren’t adjusting so fast like your endurance. New runners are very impatient, thats for sure. Make sure you don’t expect too much too soon and take it easy the first months. Especially with the pace. Don’t go outside and hammer. If you go too hard you’re asking for injuries. Never forget, that it’s important to keep the conversational pace.

2. Too high expectations

I started running in July and my first half marathon was only a few months later. Obviously I wasn’t ready for that. I finished strong with a time of 1:57:31, BUT I hurt my hip really bad through the high milage in my training and the pace within the race. Mentally I was ready, but my body wasn’t. So don’t expect too much when you start. Avoid one of the running mistakes Nr 1 and take your time before you sign up for your first race and maybe you start with a 5k first and not like me with the NYC Half in Manhattan.

3. The race day craziness

Thinking about the first race another common running mistakes beginners do is the race day hype. You’re super excited, because you’re running your first race ever, so you want to finish as fast as you can. Red flag! Don’t do that. Remember, don’t ask for injuries. It’s your first race, so inhale the excitement and exhale how far you become.

4. Missing the strength training

You can avoid injuries while running if you add some strength training to your daily routine. Focus on the running specific muscle groups like your glutes and the hips. Very common exercise are squats and lunges.  Strength your hips with leg raises. It’s a common lie, that running builds muscles in your legs. You really have to hit the gym to see results. Watch my video about the best leg exercises for runners here.

5. Oh my shoes

My favorite topic and the biggest running mistakes you can do. The running shoe drama. I cannot tell how often I’m trying to explain newbies, how important it is to see a professional at a running shoe store to get a check, what kind of running shoe you really need. Most of them know better and order their shoe online. Most of them order the wrong shoe. All of them come back to me and agree that it would have been better to buy the shoe at a running shoe store.