The 5 best carbohydrate sources for runners

Fuel up your tanks before or after your runs with the best carbohydrate sources for runners. Reap their performance benefits and let them help you to recovery fast. These are my 5 secret carb booster which I eat almost every day.

1. Bananas

To me personally my power food before a race. I cannot eat too much before a race, so most likely I have a banana before I cross the starting line. Bananas are loaded with fast acting-carbohydrates, sugar and provide you with the right energy you need before a run, or race.

2. Oat Meal

There is nothing better than my overnight oats. It’s to die for. Oat meal is my daily regimen to start my day right. Since I’m a morning runner this is my post run meal. It always comes with a scoop of protein whey and frozen berries.

3. Brown Rice

Cereal grains such as brown rice are among the richest sources of carbohydrate. I’m having brown rice almost every day at lunch. 1 cup has 45g of carbohydrate. Now you ask yourself if you could also eat white rice? Sure, but brown rice is considered healthier, because it contains more vitamins, fiber and minerals. They are also absorbed much slower so you feel longer full and the energy last longer, when you’re eating brown rice.

4. Berries

Oh my berry. I love berries. Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are my favorites. As a topping on my oat meat, as a snack at night, or mixed in a protein shake. Berries are my personal super food, because they are the most nutritious source of carbohydrate. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

5. Energy Bars

Definitively my source of carbs when I’m running my long runs. I try to eat them every 3 miles, when I’m running longer than 10 miles total. It gives me a little sugar boost and the right source of carbohydrate to finish strong. During the day I’m not eating too much of energy bars, because they are really high in sugar. But while running long it is totally fine.