Marathon Training Tips Q&A

Marathon Training Tips

I’ve been training for the TCS New York City Marathon for 9 weeks now and I have received so many questions so far that I decided to come up with a fun Marathon Training Tips Q&A where I will explain marathon training tips for first timers, the secret behind my marathon training diet, how my gym sessions are […]

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Meet Ultra Marathoner Leigh Gerson

Running 120 miles in one shot sounds like a tough and pretty crazy challenge, doesn’t it? For me personally 120 miles are totally out of what I could ever run without making any stops and I’m pretty sure for the most of you as well. I met the woman who is planning on running from […]

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Alcohol and Running. Do they mix?

Alcohol and Running

How alcohol affects your running performance. It’s pretty obvious that alcohol and running don’t get along quite well. I’m not a huge drinker but I enjoy a glass of wine (or two) once in a while. You won’t find me in clubs drinking excessive though. For me personally the balance is key here because I […]

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5 benefits of running with a group

running with a group

This morning I had my very first running event in New York City. With a group of 30 runners we met at Central Park for a 5 mile loop through the hilly course of the city’s most beautiful park. Runners from all fitness levels showed up. Absolute beginners, marathoners and the casual Sunday joggers. People […]

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My Bad Workout Advice

Bad Workout Advice

Let’s keep it real. It happens to all of us. Experiencing a bad workout / run is frustrating and sometimes irritating because most of the times it happens out of the blue. Of course it has happened to me before and I’m not going to lie: It’s super annoying. But why do bad workouts happen […]

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How to burn fat while running

burn fat while running

I’ve been asked frequently how to burn fat while running and what’s the best way of loose weight while running. First of all everybody is different and every body works different so there is no bible on how to burn fat while running that works for everyone. Fun fact: I started running exactly for the […]

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7 Ways I Turned Into An Athlete

Looking back to my progress in running and weight lifting the past years I consider myself as an athlete today. First of all: there is not one person who can tell you if you are or are not an athlete. Athletes come in every shape and size and only you can control how you view […]

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How often do you run?

How often do you run

It’s a very common question I get asked several times per week: How often do you run Sabrina? Should you run every day? How often should beginners run? Depending on your goals and fitness level my answers are always different. How often do you run a week? For me personally I train 4 times a week. […]

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Why I added beef liver capsules to my diet

beef liver capsules

100 more days until my first marathon. It sure will be the race of my life and I want to be prepared both mentally and physically. Training for marathon is a tough challenge. Your lifestyle, the diet, training and your supplementation has to be on point. I reflected my supplements and made a decision to […]

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Macronutrients for runners

macronutrients for runners

You might know your macros and I’m sure you have heard the word before. If so, you know how much carbs you are going to eat before your run and how much protein will follow after your workout, right? Awesome. But what about macronutrients for runners?

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